How Much Does A Dog Cost A Month

How Much Does A Dog Cost A Month

Want to know the cost of owning a dog? Getting a dog is a big financial commitment. You need to be prepared to spend money on your dog to ensure you meet their needs. It is difficult to say how much a dog costs a month because it depends on their age, size, breed and health requirements. Some breeds are likely to cost a lot more than others for things like insurance and vet fees. You need to decide on a breed of dog you know you can afford to look after. How much you spend will also depend on the brands you prefer. For example with you might choose to go for a premium brand which will cost a bit more each month. It is possible to estimate how much your dog costs you a month if you look at all the things you are likely to have to pay out for. Here is a list of things you are likely to have to pay out for every month if you have a dog.

Monthly costs

  • Insurance
  • Dog Food
  • Vet visits
  • Dog Flea Treatments
  • Grooming

Initial costs

  • Bedding
  • Water and food bowls
  • Collar
  • Lead
  • Identification tag

Ongoing/optional costs

  • Vaccinations
  • Dog Toys
  • Bed replacements
  • Dog travel products (harness, safety belt, crate)
  • Getting spayed/neutered
  • Dog sport classes (agility, flyball)
  • Training/behaviour classes
  • Kennel and boarding costs for when you are away
  • Dog walker
  • Pet training products
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