Hilarious Dog Hashtags On Instagram

Hilarious Dog Hashtags On Instagram

#Hashtags are all the rage right now, with Instagram being the social media site du jour. And pets, particularly ever faithful Fido seem to be getting their tails right in the mix of all sorts of hilarious capers. Trust us, you'll know if you spend enough time looking at other people's dogs - too creepy? (or not enough?)

If you dig deep enough (geddit?), you'll be able to marvel at some truly pawsome posts with all sorts of trending hashtags that are just mind-bogglingly hilarious, just as these 12 prove


Canine fans rejoice at using this hashtag to post the hysterical things their four-legged friends do, all over the Instagram arena. Feast your eyes and get ready to break a rib or two at the hilarious things they do.


Perhaps a little pawbvious but what you say is what you get with this one. Yep, #odddogs quite literally covers dogs that are odd. From obscure positions to meme worthy faces, these guys are absurdly funny.


A hilarious showcase of dogs sitting and snoozing in exceedingly uncomfortable positions. We beg you not to exclaim in many ways just #HOWisthatcomfortable?


Those poor pups have it so difficult. Separated from the outside world by a pane of glass, when all they want is to just go and play fetch. Never-mind all those zzz's they catch, just when will they catch a break? Revel in the humour of this hard done by hashtag.


One for all the pups to get involved with and 31 thousand posts can't be wrong. #barkinthepark covers fetches of the frolicking variety, overexcited faces and dogs desperate to get out there on the pitch. But muuuuuum, that ball should be mine!


It's a hard old world in the land of the canine, so it's important to have your #pupsquad at the ready, for whenever you might need them. From the cute and cuddly to the most hilarious of group shots, PUP SQUAD ASSEMBLE.


If you want to check out as many tongues in one go as possible, this hashtag let's them all hang out in one place. Does Fido feel like getting his tongue out on a Thursday, just because? #tongueoutdontcare


The insta world is the pawfect place to show off your hard-working computer and housework skills, so why should dogs be any different? Probably because, erm #dogsdontwork. Well, most of them anyway. From dogs tapping away nonchalantly on their keyboards to taking out the washing, this is one humorous hashtag.


Get your party hats and confetti out because these #dawgs KNOW how to #pawty. From #adoptiversaries and the prettiest #princesspawties to an overstated #tuesdaynight, get ready for some celebratory hilarity.


Confused faces with plenty of #sideeye, determination and pleading to get back into the wilderness and retrieve their much loved ball. Fans, rejoice in the quizzical looks of your four-legged friends.


Quite possibly the funniest out of the lot. #barkbios are essentially posts of dogs dressed up as their alter-egos with detailed biographies. Such examples include Carl, aged 64. Has an unnecessary amount of toenail clippers and is very particular about how his guests park in the driveway.  HIL-ARIOUS


A collective #whinge from dogs who just want their owners to play with them. for the 97th time in a row. Cue the soppiest and most expectant of tongue-in-cheek faces.

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