Hamsters For Sale

Hamsters For Sale

When it comes to purchasing any pet, it’s important to know where the most reputable source is to find yourself one. This can differ depending on the type of pet you’re looking for, the particular breed, and where you’d feel most comfortable purchasing one.

When purchasing a hamster, these questions can run through your mind. However, it’s more than possible to gain a cursory (and even advanced) understanding of how best to purchase a hamster - all before you do so.

Now, it may seem that because hamsters are small and there are no ‘pedigree’ bloodlines to keep up, that you could purchase one or more hamsters at a nominal price. Of course, when purchasing any pet, no matter how small, looking for the cheapest deal is never the best metric to go by.

So - how should you think about purchasing a hamster? This mini guide should help you:

Sourcing A Hamster

Often, finding a hamster is as easy as finding a sales listing, or walking into a pet store. That being said, it’s important to understand how to inspect your source to validate their reliability. Pet stores have high standards, but it’s important to inspect the environment the pets are kept in, if they have access to clean nutrition and water, and how many of them are placed into one enclosure.

You can purchase hamsters from a prior owner (perhaps they are moving and need to find a new owner), but remember that as hamsters only live 1-2 years, that this ‘used’ ownership could limit the time you have with your new pet.

That being said, previously owned hamsters deserve a loving home, too. If your hamster has been kept under great conditions, odds are it will be less stressed and hostile, and this will help them live a long, hopefully disease-free life.

Checking the Hamster’s Condition

It’s important to hold the hamster for a few moments and check its condition - gently. Look at its fur and the overall health Is it well-sized, not too fat or too thin? Are its eyes in good condition? Sometimes poorly cared-for eyes can be crusty or may show discharge. Check for patchy hair and how clean it is.

Of course, it may just be that you’ve picked up a healthy one from the collection, so check several hamsters within the group. Is it breathing easily? How does it react to your gentle handling? This can give you a clue as to its personality.

Things to Consider

It’s also important to consider the personality of your hamster. If they are aggressive, dogpiling on other hamsters, or are very shy and frail, it can be that you’re taking on something of a risk. That doesn’t mean these hamsters can’t find a happy home, and sometimes they can make great pets, but it’s always best to know the little personality of the hamster you’re bringing home.

A skittish hamster may not be skittish forever, and perhaps an aggressive hamster is in an overcrowded cage.

Furthermore, ask the store owners how they have handled the hamsters. Males and females should be separated.

With this advice, we hope you can find hamsters for sale more easily and stay well-equipped when making your decision.

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