Guinea Pig Noise Meanings

Guinea Pig Noise Meanings

Guinea pigs can make all sorts of sounds. They might be happy, annoyed, startled, or just make sounds for no reason.

Some guinea pigs can be quieter, but a lot of them like to make little noises as they go about their business. Interpreting guinea pig noises isn't an exact science, but we can understand what many of them mean.

Considering other factors along with the noises your guinea pig is making will help you to work out what they might be trying to say.

Here are some of the noises that your guinea pig might make and what they could mean.


This high-pitched squealing or whistling is a noise you'll usually hear if your guinea pig is excited. You might hear this sound if it's feeding time for your guinea pig or time to play.


Chutting is a noise that you can hear your guinea pig make often. It sounds like a soft frog croak and means that your guinea pig is just going about their daily activities - a bit like humming to yourself.


Guinea pigs will make this mating sound when they're in season. Males make it to attract mates, and females will make it to let males know that they're ready to mate. Males should be neutered if kept with females to prevent pregnancy.


Cats aren't the only animals that purr. However, if your guinea pig is purring, they could be happy, or they might be annoyed. A more high-pitched purr can indicate annoyance, while a lower purr means your guinea pig is feeling good.

Teeth Chattering

If your guinea pig is chattering its teeth or hissing, it's telling you (or other animals) to go away. It's best to back off and leave your guinea pig in peace if they're making this noise.


Guinea pigs can occasionally make chirping sounds that sound like a bird. This sound might show that the guinea pig is scared, but it's not a very common sound, so you're unlikely to hear it.


Guinea pigs can make a complaining noise sometimes, which is probably another way they say that they want to be left alone. They'd like other guinea pigs and people to back off and leave them be.


Pay attention if your guinea pig is squeaking loudly because it's likely that they're not very happy at all. Your guinea pig might be hurt, or there could be something that has given your piggie a real fright.


A cooing guinea pig is telling you that it loves you. They will make this noise for people they really like and also for baby guinea pigs.

Health-related Noises

Some noises from your guinea pig could be a sign of illness. If you hear them sneeze, breathe loudly or quickly, or their tummy is making noises, it might be because they're not very well.

A call to your vet might be necessary. If you're not sure, some pet insurance providers and vets will provide free advice over the phone.

Guinea pigs can make a lot of funny and cute noises. While you'll never be completely fluent in guinea pig, you can learn to decipher some of their sounds.

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