Grooming Your Rabbit

Grooming Your Rabbit

Rabbits come in all different shapes and sizes. One of the things that varies between different breeds of rabbit is their coat. A lot of people don't realise that rabbits require regular grooming to keep them comfortable, happy and healthy.

Rabbits are very good at cleaning and grooming themselves, but some need an extra helping hand to keep them in tip top condition. If you have a short haired rabbit you will need to brush them a few times a week. However, rabbits with long coats often need brushing daily, or their fur can become matted and uncomfortable. Different breeds of rabbits require different special care when it comes to grooming. Research your breed of rabbit and what their grooming requirements are.

Rabbits do tend to shed, and grooming them gets rid of some of the dead coat. It also helps to keep their coat clean, prevent mats and get rid of excess fur. Grooming your rabbit is also useful because you can perform a health check at the same time. You are more likely to notice any injuries, skin issues or lumps and bumps while grooming your rabbit. Have a feel around their body to check everything is OK.

Grooming your rabbit from an early age is important so that they get used to being brushed. It also helps to make them feel more comfortable when being handled and increases the bond between you and your rabbit. You will spend quality time together interacting and sharing a relaxing experience. Grooming then can also help with their circulation and improve blood flow.

In general, rabbits do not need baths and being put through the experience of being washed can be extremely stressful for them. Do not bathe your rabbit without consulting a vet. It's also important to groom your rabbit in a safe and secure place. Never groom them on a high surface where they can jump off and injure themselves.

Be careful when brushing your rabbit as they tend to have very sensitive skin. Make sure you get the correct brush, be gentle and brush in the direction of their fur. Rabbits also need their claws clipped, if you are uncomfortable doing this yourself you can simply ask your vet to do it. If you are unsure about grooming your rabbit then speak to a professional or get them professionally groomed.

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