Greyhound Dog Breed Guide

Greyhound Dog Breed Guide


Greyhounds are an ancient dog breed that has origins in the Middle East. Drawings of dogs that look very similar to greyhounds have been discovered on the walls of Ancient Egyptian tombs and also on Egyptian paintings. Some of these images dates back to as far as 4000 BC. The Greyhound was officially developed in Great Britain. They were used in the show ring but also for hunting and racing. The only other animals that can beat a greyhounds speed is a Cheetah. Greyhounds can run at speeds of over 40 miles per hour. Although many greyhounds are bred to race, they are popular as a Lots of retired greyhounds are unwanted after their career ends so many end up in rescue centres in need of new homes.


Greyhounds have a lovely calm and docile temperament. Although they love to run in short, fast bursts they also enjoy lounging around. Greyhounds are often call 'the world's fastest couch potatoes. ' Most of the time all they want to do is curl up on your lap. Due to their racing and hunting background greyhounds have a strong chase instinct. They will chase anything that moves and are best kept on the lead. Greyhounds are affectionate and gentle with humans but should be monitored around Appearance:Greyhounds come in lots of different colours including white, black, fawn, blue, red, and brindle. Greyhounds have a very strong build, they are muscular and powerful. They have small, rose shaped ears and a long muscular neck.


Greyhounds do not require very much grooming. Their coat is short and fine and occasionally requires a brush to get rid of dead hair. They are quite clean, low maintenance dogs.


Middle East

Breed type:

Hound, sighthound


Males 71 - 76 cm


27 - 36 kg

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