Get Involved In Canix

Get Involved In Canix

Canicross is a brilliant sport to get involved with for both you and your dog. It's basically cross country running but with your dog. You and your dog work as a team to complete various cross country races. You will spend a lot of time training together and getting fit. If you enjoy running and your dog is healthy enough to take part then you might as well let them join in the fun too. Here are some reasons to get involved with Canicross.

A Sense Of Achievement

You will get a huge sense of achievement when you successfully complete your first race with your best friend. You can celebrate getting a good time or even winning as a team. Not only will you be proud of yourself you will also be pleased with your dog. You can set yourself targets to aim for so that you are constantly improving.

Increase Your Bond

Along with various other canine sports, this is an excellent way of improving your bond. You will spend more time together training and racing and learning to be a good team. Spend some quality time with your dog by going running with them on a regular basis and entering in lots of different races.

Get Active

If you want to start getting more active then Canicross is a great way to do it. You will improve your fitness and feel much more fit and healthy. You don't have to be a world class runner, many people take part simply for the enjoyment. People of all ages and abilities take part in Canicross.

Keep Your Dog Fit

If you have a very high energy dog then this is the perfect way to burn off some of their energy. It will also help to keep your dog fit and help them to maintain a healthy weight. This is a good activity for dogs that need to shed a few pounds.

Travel The Country

There are races all over the country. You can travel around the country taking part in different races in a wide range of locations. You could turn one of your races into a weekend away with your dog. It's also good for them to get used to being in different situations and have the opportunity to explore different places.

Meet People

You will meet lots of other dog owners who enjoy taking part in Cani X. It's always interesting to chat to other and hear about their experiences.

Socialise Your Dog

There will be lots of other dogs at the races so your dog can improve their social skills. They can meet and greet a wide variety of dogs of all breeds and sizes which is important for socialisation.

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