Fun Things To Do With Your Dogs

Fun Things To Do With Your Dogs

If you need to socialise your dog, then you might have heard the usual advice, take them to a training, meetup with friends with dogs. But this doesn't work for everyone, and there are plenty of other ways to get Fido used to being around people and other dogs. All it takes is thinking outside the box. Here's 8 creative ways to socialise your dog more.

  1. A day at the beach

Spending time at a dog friendly beach is actually an excellent way to get your pooch well socialised. There's lots of people and doggies to meet, and plenty going on. Plus, your dog can have lots of fun playing in the sand and sea.

  1. Visiting dog fairs and events

Local dog rescue centres and villages often put on paws in the park type days which offer fun for all the family. They will usually have small scale dog competitions, stalls and maybe even a few displays. There's lots of other dogs wandering around, so your dog can say hello and get used to being around plenty of owners and their dogs.

  1. Become a therapy dog

This job isn't for every dog, as it takes a special type of dog to be a therapy dog. Your pooch needs to be relaxed around people, have a certain temperament and be well behaved, but each charity or organisation () has their own rules and expectations for wannabe therapy dogs. However, if your dog does pass the test it's a wonderful way of allowing them to spend plenty of time with people.

  1. Join group dog walks

There's loads of charities that run group dog walks throughout the year. For example, T, which is run by Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. The RSPCA also does '', which take place in parks across the UK. Join tons of other dog owners and their dogs for an epic walk which is perfect for socialising your pooch.

  1. Host a doggy party

Yup, you heard us. Host an actual dog party. Maybe even a dog birthday party for your canine pal. Although be sure to only invite well balanced, friendly, relaxed dogs who will have a positive impact on your pooch. Dog parties can get a little wild and out of hand with the wrong combo of poochy personalities.

  1. Become a super social dog walker

You know those dog walkers who stop and chat to every single dog owner. Well, as much effort as this seems, it's a great way to get your dog socialised too. Why? Because while you are nattering on about how adorable you think your dog is, your pooch will be busy saying hello to the other dog. And the more dogs they meet, the better.

  1. Take your dog to cafes, pubs and hotels

Don't leave your pooch at home when you go out and about, especially if they are in need of some social interaction. Take your dog with you when you go for a cuppa, a pint and a roast dinner, or for a weekend away.

  1. Borrow other people's dogs

Websites like Borrow My Doggy allow you to literally borrow other people's dogs. All you have to do is find a dog that's well matched personality wise to yours, and offer to look after them or take them for a walk every now and then.

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