Friendly Dog Breeds

Friendly Dog Breeds

Some dog owners prefer bouncy, high energy dogs that require a lot of attention. These sorts of dogs can be great fun, but sometimes just a little bit too much. If you are looking for an easy going dog then there are a select few dog breeds that tend to prefer a more laid back lifestyle. Each breed has specific characteristics, but these are generalisations and not all dogs are the same. You do get some exceptions to the rule, so don't get one of the dog breeds suggested below and expect them to be very easy going. Speak to your breeder or rescue centre about the dog you are interested in to see whether their personality matches your requirements. Generally speaking, here are some easy going dog breeds.


Greyhounds are known for being the world's fastest couch potatoes. They need a good run every day, but as as long as they've had that they are happy to chill out for the rest of the day. Greyhounds are also very easy going in nature and make wonderful pets.

Great Dane

Great Danes may be enormous but their personality doesn't necessarily match their size. They are gentle giants who are content lazing around the home. They need a short walk each day but aren't particularly energetic.


You often see Pugs just sitting there watching the world go by. They can sometimes be quite playful, but they are also very laid back at the same time. They make excellent lap dogs and love nothing more than spending time with their owners.

Basset Hound

Basset Hounds sleep most of the day and like particularly leisurely walks. They have a good nose for scent work and are at ease following lots of interesting smells. However, they can be a little lazy at times and spend a lot of their time snoozing.


Newfoundlands are also gentle giants. They have a lovely nature and can be quite active, but they are just as happy to chill out at home. They look like gigantic teddy bears. Newfoundlands are fairly easy to train, are very gentle and sweet-tempered.

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