French-Bulldog Dog Breed Guide

French-Bulldog Dog Breed Guide

A hugely popular breed at the moment, French Bulldogs are playful, cheeky and kind natured. Want to find out more? We've created a handy breed profile so you can find out all about their history and what makes them so special. Check it out below.

What breed group are French Bulldogs in?

Breed group: Utility/Non-sporting

French Bulldogs are classed as part of the utility group, which is made up of various different pups who were bred for a purpose outside of working or sporting. In this respect utility just means 'fitness for purpose', but in most cases the reason these dogs were developed is no longer relevant in the modern world.

In the case of the Frenchie, they fall into this category due to their bulldog lineage - a type of dog which would have once been used for bull-baiting. Once this occupation became redundant, bulldogs took the step into the world of companionship.

French Bulldog breed history

Despite the name, the French Bulldog can still claim Great Britain as part of its heritage. Originally developed as a smaller alternative to the larger mastiff-type dogs, the miniature or toy bulldog was popular among the Brits.

They were particularly favoured by lace workers in Nottingham, who emigrated to Normandy with their precious pups when the threat of redundancy lingered during the industrial revolution. Such was the demand for these little bulldogs that by the 1860s only a few miniature bulldogs remained in England. Crossed with terriers and other small dogs, the smaller bulldog became a breed unto itself and was given the moniker 'Bouledogue Francais''.

French Bulldog breed characteristics

These adorable little people-pleaser’s love being around their human pals, playing games and learning new tricks - particularly when food rewards are involved!

At a glance, French Bulldog's are:

  • Smart
  • Playful
  • Mischievous
  • Freethinking
  • Adaptable
  • Affectionate
  • Child & animal-friendly
  • Quick learners
  • Good natured
  • Sweet

What are French Buldogs bred for?

Briefly, French Bulldogs were used for chasing away rats and small critters from the farmlands of Northern France, however, on the whole, these little pups have almost always been looked at as companion dogs. Bred down in size from larger mastiffs and bulldogs, Frenchies have been bred into a sturdy yet sweet house dog who loves nothing more than lazing away days with it’s owner, playing with it’s toys and generally indulging in an easy lifestyle. His days being favoured by high society Parisian's evident in this nature.

What sort of owner would they suit?

French Bulldogs don't require a huge amount of energy to take care of, so as first-time dog owners you will find this breed is a great starting point. They're short, stocky stature means long hikes aren't on the agenda, so if you're looking for a running companion this might not be the one, though he will happily take a gentle amble through a park.

Frenchies do love being around people but can sometimes compete for attention so smaller households tend to get on better with this breed. This small dog loves small humans and gets on really well with children - though as with any dog, early socialisation is key. They are quick at learning but still need an owner who has time to put in training at an early age, but be warned they get chubby quite quickly so a strict hand with the treat tin is a must!

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