Fluffy Dog Breeds

Fluffy Dog Breeds

Fluffy dog breeds are the ideal companion if you love a fuzzy pet. However, they can require a lot of extra grooming and maintenance to keep their coat healthy and beautiful. Here’s a brief overview of the most popular fluffy dog breeds.

Small fluffy dog breeds

  • Bichon frisé: A cheerful and friendly troublemaker with a frizzy coat that requires frequent trimming.
  • Cockapoo: This crossbreed is sweet and intelligent! His thick coat requires daily brushing and the occasional bath.
  • Pekingese: Stubborn, he’s suited to experienced owners. His soft and long coat is a beautiful sight!
  • Toy poodle: All the fun and intelligence of a Poodle but in a mini size. Toy Poodles require frequent brushing and plenty of mental stimulation.
  • Yorkshire terrier: A sassy and sometimes possessive dog, the Yorkie wants all the attention, including brushing and styling.

Medium fluffy dog breeds

  • Chow chow: A literal ball of fluff with a blue tongue, the Chow Chow is very protective of his family. Groomers recommend frequent trimming to maintain the fur.
  • Shetland sheepdog: Hard-working and obedient breed. The long fur needs frequent brushing.
  • American Eskimo: Affectionate, curious, and full of energy, the Eskie needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation, along with frequent brushing and baths!
  • Finish Lapphund: A typical herding breeding, the Lapphund is friendly and obedient. However, they shed a lot.

Big fluffy dog breeds

  • Bernese mountain dog: Huge and strong, the Bernese is an intelligent and patient dog. Good news: His fur doesn’t need as much maintenance as other breeds.
  • Leonberger: This goofy and affectionate dog is a handful for inexperienced owners. Be prepared to vacuum twice a week!
  • Newfoundland: This gentle giant is a hard-working and patient dog. The only challenge is the amount of shedding!
  • Tibetan Mastiff: Standing 30 inches tall, the Mastiff is not for every dog owner. He is cuddly but can be disobedient. The sheer amount of shedding in a day can be alarming!

Regardless of your choice of fluffy dog, you’ll need to invest in quality dog brushes and grooming kit!

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