Family Activities To Do With Your Dog

Family Activities To Do With Your Dog

Dogs can create excellent opportunities to have quality time with your family. There are lots of fun activities to do with your dog. You may be surprised about the amount of days out and activities there are that can include your dog. Kids love to spend some time outdoors having fun playing with their best friend. If you are running out of things to do then here are some great family activities to do with your dog.


Take the kids to agility classes where the whole family can enjoy seeing your dog progress. If your children are old enough then they can go into the agility ring with your dog, this will help improve their bond. It's great fun getting your dog to do the assault course and teaching them agility together as a family. Once your dog is ready, you can all go to competitions together which make excellent family days out.


Lots of dogs absolutely love frisbee, and children do too. Head down to your local park with the family and take turns throwing the frisbee for the dog. This will help both the kids and the dog to burn some energy and benefit from some time out in the fresh air.

Rock Pooling

Take your dog down to the beach and they can join in with rock pooling. They can also run around the beach and swim in the sea while the rest of the family does a bit of rock pooling. Your dog can take part too, turning over rocks and playing in the shallows.


In the summer and when it's not too cold outside take a picnic to your local park or drive to the countryside. Your dog can enjoy running around while you sit down and have a nice picnic. You can also play some games in the park once you have finished eating.


It's good to get the whole family involved in training your dog. That way everyone can make sure they are using the same commands and know the rules. It's also a useful learning experience for your child to understand how to control and train your dog, even if it is just the basics such as 'sit' and 'stay''. Everyone can get involved and watch your dog get better at obedience.


Dog walks are an ideal opportunity to get the family together. Plan a family walk once a week so that you can all benefit from some time out together, and have lots of fun outside with your dog. You can go to lots of different places to make it more interesting and entertaining for the children.


Teach your dog to chase the football and push it with their nose, or tap it with their paws and you can have a game of family football. Take some time out to kick the ball around at the park and enjoy some quality time with the whole family.

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