Exercise And Toys For Ferrets

Exercise And Toys For Ferrets

Ferrets are very active creatures and although they sleep for many hours per day, they do need a lot of exercise. If feasible, it is a good idea to set aside a room or a large area for them so they can run around and play. This is not always practical therefore a cage with multiple levels is just as effective, but they should be let out when possible so they can roam around.

A ferret will use almost anything as a form of entertainment, whether that is curtains, furniture or you. They love to climb, tunnel and hide so anything that involves these things is going to be loved by your ferret.

We offer a wide range of tunnel pet products which can be joined together to create various lengths and types of tunnel, which will keep your ferret entertained for hours. Feeding balls, which dispense food as your ferret plays, are also great for exercise, interest and entertainment.

Ferrets also love human contact and the smell of humans, therefore will be happy playing with their owner's clothes and socks, and of course their favourite of running up the trouser leg.

Lastly, ferrets also need walking and you should aim to take them out once a day. They can be walked on a lead just like a dog, or by using a harness. They love company so anytime spent outside with their families will be a source of amusement as well as exercise.

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