Ear Mites In Dogs

Ear Mites In Dogs

Just like an ear infection, ear mites in dogs are relatively harmless but can cause damage to your dog’s ear if left undetected. Your dog’s health should be monitored closely; you will be able to notice them behaving strangely or having less energy than usual if they are ill. If you suspect that your dog has an ear problem, it could be ear mites. But what are ear mites?

Ear mites in dogs are tiny organisms which live on the inside of the dog’s ear. Even if you can’t see anything when you look at the underside of your dog’s ear, it doesn’t mean they will not be there. Ear mites are so small that sometimes the vet has to use a microscope or something similar to see them. They suck out the oils and wax of your dog’s ear for food and cause very itchy ears for your dog. They are also contagious so if one of your dogs has ear mites, the chances are, the others do too. Here are some symptoms of ear mites in your dog.

Ear Mites Symptoms

Excessive ear scratching

Your dog will probably scratch very frequently at his ears if he has mites. This is because the mites’ little bites will cause an itching sensation inside the ear. This can be very irritating and frustrating for your dog. If you see him scratching his ears much more than usual, take your dog to the vet.

Head shaking or tilting

Alongside the scratching, your dog could also engage in behaviours like head shaking or tilting. Your dog will be naturally reacting to an irritation in his or her ear, which will be causing him itching or even pain.

Redness and inflammation

Ear mites can cause redness or inflammation of your dog’s inner ears. You should check his ears for these signs but be careful - if your dog’s ears are hurting, he might be more defensive about them being touched.

Ear Mites Treatments

If your vet determines that your dog does have ear mites, they will then discuss treatment options with you. These could include…

Flea treatment

Flea treatments are also used to kill ear mites by vets. This is because the chemicals in flea treatment will also effectively kill ear mites and are safe for your dog too.

Ear drops

If your vet prescribes ear drops for ear mites, they might request that you use the drops for a number of weeks. This all has to do with the egg cycle of the ear mite. If your ear drops kill the currently active ear mites, their eggs can hatch within 21 days and the cycle begins again. For this reason, the ear drops will be a long-term treatment for your dog’s ear mites.

If you think your dog has a problem with his or her ears, immediately contact your vet for a checkup. Your vet will then advise what steps to take going forward.

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