Dogs And Alcohol

Dogs And Alcohol

Tipsy revellers are nothing new at Christmas. Across the land, people will be drinking to excess during the festive season and ending up the worse for wear. But they may not realise that their seasonal treats pose a threat to their pets.

Seasonal Treats Pose Threat to Pets

Vets have expressed their concern about the rising number of cats and dogs which get drink and the situation is worse at Christmas. Pets are treating themselves to festive tipples which are left lying around by unsuspecting householders and their guests. It is all too easy for animals to succumb to alcohol poisoning and the consequences can be very serious indeed. More and more people are drinking at home rather than in pubs and this trend is posing an even greater threat to animals.

Both cats and dogs are naturally inquisitive and so they are quite likely to sniff out and taste any liquids left in glasses around the house. Due to the size of the animals, it takes very little alcohol to make them drunk.

Deliberate Imbibing

Vets also suspect that some pets are deliberately being given alcohol so that the resulting antics can be filmed and the footage placed on social media platforms.

Alcohol poisoning seems to be on the rise. In 2015, vets reported incidents to the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) on 26 occasions in order to gain advice. There were just five such reports in 2000. There have been 18 reports so far in 2016 but the festive season is just around the corner. Of course, many cases of poisoning and drunkenness are never seen by vets.

Alcohol Poisoning

A survey by Argos Pets Insurance discovered that as many as a quarter of pet owners admit that their dogs have drunk alcohol. Vets have warned that the drinking of alcohol can be fatal. Several serious health issues may arise including seizures and respiratory failure. Pets can also become very upset when they become disorientated and so it is cruel to offer them alcoholic drinks.


Be Vigilant

Most people have probably heard an amusing story about a drunk pet or will have laughed at videos online. But the situation really isn't funny. Animals can succumb to alcohol poisoning very quickly and after consuming relatively small amounts of booze. An amusing incident can quickly turn into a tragedy. It is very important to ensure that no glasses of alcoholic drinks are left lying around for curious pets to investigate.

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