Dog With The Biggest Ears

Dog With The Biggest Ears

Dogs have been bred to have specific physical characteristics to carry out different jobs. Many dogs with longer ears fall into the 'hound' group. Hounds are mainly used for hunting because they tend to be excellent at scenting. However, some gun dogs have also made it onto the list of dogs with long ears.

Dogs that have long ears are prone to ear infections because their outer ear can block the ear from ventilation. If you are thinking of getting a dog with long ears you will need to clean them regularly and check for any sensitivities. Here is a bit of information about some of the dogs with the longest ears.

Basset Hound

Basset hounds are easy to spot with their long body, droopy ears and short legs. Basset hounds have a lovely temperament but like all dogs they can sometimes be a bit stubborn. They have an incredible sense of smell which helps them when they are hunting. Basset hounds need a lot of recall training because they will often be tempted to run away chasing a scent.

Italian Spinone

Italian Spinones have thick wiry coats and are quite large dogs. They are part of the gundog group and make excellent working dogs and family pets. They are very happy dogs who love a bit of attention and can be very loyal.


Bloodhounds are claimed to be the original hounds, most dogs from this group share some of their make up with bloodhounds. They have a fairly short life span. Bloodhounds are very impressive, powerful dogs with very long ears and deeply sunk eyes.


The Coonhounds ears are so long that they reach below the tip of their nose. They are intelligent and strong hunting dogs and are part of the hound group. They generally come in black and tan colouring. The longest ears on a dog measured 31. 1 cm (12. 25 in) and 34. 3 cm (13. 5 in) for the left and right ears belong to a Coonhound called Harbor.


Weimaraners are known for their long and very soft ears. They are large, strong gundogs with bags of character. Weimaraners are not the easiest breed to train but with the right training they make wonderful, extremely loyal pets.

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniels have long ears which have a lot more hair than other dogs on this list. Cocker spaniels are extremely energetic dogs who love human company. Their ears tend to get dirty quite easily and need regular care.

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