Dog Tricks To Teach Your Dog

Dog Tricks To Teach Your Dog

When it comes to training dogs, you usually teach them everyday commands such as sit, lay down and roll over. If that's all your dog really needs to know, then there's no reason to teach them more stuff. But some dogs just love learning new tricks. In fact, they live for it. Certain dogs are just better at learning tricks, and can often pick things up almost instantly. Teaching your dog extra tricks is also a wonderful way to strengthen your bond, and it will help to make them generally more obedient. Also, if you have a dog with bags of energy, then doing regular training sessions to learn new tricks will help to tire them out. Learning tricks provides some much needed mental stimulation for dogs. There are some tricks that are simply a cut above the rest, these are the really cool tricks that you can show off to your friends, or post on Fido's Instagram page.

A few things to keep in mind

Don't force your dog to learn more complicated tricks if they aren't interested, or struggle with the basics. Dogs who don't want to learn tricks will just switch off and show you that you're wasting your time. Even with the smartest of pooches, learning new tricks can be very tiring. Give your dog lots of breaks and if they start to get distracted, accept defeat and recognise that they might need some time out. Only teach tricks that your pup is comfortable doing. Figure out what it is that motivates your dog and this will really improve their training. Does your pooch prefer treats, toys or strokes? What's their absolute favourite toy? If they are highly motivated by food, try and figure which treats they will work the hardest for. You might want to try and choose a healthy treat if you are going to be using it a lot for training, or Fido might get a bit over weight!

Roll Over

Get your dog to roll over onto their back and then onto their front again.


Dogs will naturally yawn and so you might be able to capture their behaviour. When they yawn start giving them a treat, then begin saying 'yawn' when they do it and follow up with a treat.


This is where your dog follows their tail and spins in a circle.


This trick is always going to have the cute factor. You can get your dog to lick you or an object and name this action 'kiss'. Your friends will think it's adorable.


You can teach your dog to touch anything, whether that's a door, a marker or your hand. It's an impressive trick that is also quite handy.


Get your dog to pick up a basketball and then put it into a basketball hoop. You will need to buy a very small hoop so that the dog can reach it.


Begging is where your dog sits on their back legs and uses their front paws to look like they are begging. It's a very cute trick that your friends will love.


You can get your dog to bark on command by teaching them to 'speak'. However, make sure you also teach a quiet command as teaching them to speak may make them bark too much. They need to learn to do it only when you give the command, not all the time!

Take A Bow

Teaching your dog to take a bow on command looks really smart and impressive.

Under The Bridge

This trick involves getting your dog to walk or run in between your legs like running under a bridge.

Play dead

One of the coolest tricks around by far. This is where you say something like 'band' and your dog drops down to the floor, lays down and plays dead. It's very entertaining and definitely one to impress your friends.


Did you know there are actually dog surfing competitions around the world? It seems some dogs just love to surf. It's also not as difficult as it looks for pooches. Only teach your dog to surf if they are happy in the water and a strong swimmer.

Be shy

This trick is just so darn cute. You know when your dog rubs their front paws over their eyes and nose? You can get them to do this on command. When they do it properly it looks like they are being all shy. It will make your dog look like the most adorable thing on earth.


Dogs often bark far more than we want them to, but what if you could get your dog to bark on command? It's a fairly easy trick to teach because all you have to do is capture your dog going a bark, give it a word such as 'speak' and reward them when they do it. If your pooch is a little on the noisy side you may want to also teach them a 'quiet' command!


This trick involves getting your dog to crawl along the floor like soldiers do in the army. It's quite funny and entertaining to watch. Get your dog to lay down, then lure them forward by running a treat along the ground in front of them, and they should start to crawl along to try and reach it.

High five

Not the most complex of commands, but it can look quite cool when you are out and about to get your dog to do a high five. Kids find it especially entertaining, but make sure you teach Fido to do it gently, or they could end up batting people in the face! You just have to get them to tap your hand and it looks just like they are high fiving you.


If you've ever watched some of the smartest dogs out there do heelwork to music, then you may have seen dogs dancing. Dancing dogs have also featured on Britain's Got Talent, and there's plenty of videos on YouTube. This trick takes a bit longer to learn than most, as you have to teach several different tricks to get your dog to dance, unless they like to freestyle!


Just like surfing, dogs skateboarding is also very popular. You have probably see the famous bulldog who likes to go skateboarding. He is the epitome of cool. It's good exercise for dogs, and also very entertaining.

Tidy up

Believe it or not, you can get your dog to tidy up bits and bobs around your home. You can use this trick to get them to put away their toys. Guide Dogs and Assistance Dogs are usually trained to perform this task, as they can help pick things up that their owners can't reach.

Play an instrument

You might think it's impossible to get a dog to play an instrument, but it's not as tough as it seems. Dogs can easily play the piano, they just need to be rewarded every time they tap a key, or they might want to do it anyway just for fun! There's


Before teaching this trick, keep in mind once they start singing (or howling), they might not want to stop. Some dogs will start to warm up their vocal chords as soon as they hear some music, and the results can be hilarious.


This trick is not only impressive but it's also handy. You can get your dog to shake off all that mud before they come in the house and spray it all over the wallpaper!


An entertaining and ridiculously cute trick for dogs to learn. It involves getting them to jump up and rest their head on your shoulders as if giving you a hug.

Some other fun tricks to teach your dog:

  • Walk backwards
  • Stand on hind legs
  • Play football
  • Open and close doors
  • Balance on a box
  • Smile

Dog Tricks: The Best Ones On YouTube

No matter where you are, be it knee-deep in paperwork at work or trying to unwind on a Sunday evening with the family, there is nothing that will lift your mood like videos of dogs on YouTube. Here are the top 10 most impressive (and adorable) dog tricks on YouTube:

The Super Hero Pup

Move over paramedics! There is a new lifesaver in town! Look at giving CPR to their police trainer - not only is it a cool trick but it's super adorable (and lifesaving)! Our Hero!

The Pup With The X-Factor

Why hire a musician to play at your event when you can wow your audience with ? Not only does this little Mozart play the piano (better than most of us), he can sing too! You'll be waving those dollars at Buddy's next single!

He Was A Skater Dog

The coolest dog in the whole of Peru! Tony Hawk could be put to shame with these sick skills; next month we will all be striving to be like Otto. Who doesn't want their little angel to master the skills of the skateboard? It's just so cute - and an epic party trick!

The Best Of All Good Dogs!

Have you ever been calling someone's name and they refuse to pay attention to you? Or maybe you've been trying to get little Fido's attention for hours but he'll only respond to that magic word 'FOOD'? Well, are extremely good, and know what to do when their mum calls their names! Bet the children don't do that!

The Einstein Of Dogs

While maths is a nightmare for many, knows his numbers. Your hearts will crumble at the sheer intelligence of this pup. Who needs a maths tutor when you can learn from the very best?!

The Dog Who Can Do ANYTHING

This gorgeous boy oozes talent! Is there anything that he can't do? Do you think that a dog shooting hoops is cool? Well, Norman does that AND rides scooters, as well as bikes; we don't reckon you'll find anything more impressive than that on the internet!

Dancing Queen

Have you ever wished that you could have a dance party with your dog? holds all the moves to win any dance battle! Jesse's balance skills are not only adorable, but it's got the wow factor. Britain's Got Talent, anyone?

The Dog That'll Melt Your Heart

Meet Misa Minnie, this little girl is not only the cutest but she's extremely well-trained and will leave you wondering why Fido refuses to leave the couch. Does anyone need a tissue? Misa will get you one!

The world is certainly a better place with our four-legged companions in it. It seems they should be the ones training us! Who knows, your dog could be the next internet sensation, all you'll need to start is some and a

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