Dog Socialisation

Dog Socialisation

Dog owners have a responsibility to make sure their dogs are well socialised. As puppies grow up, they need to have positive experiences with other dogs and learn how to behave around their canine companions. If you want a dog that is well balanced and friendly with other dogs then you need to socialise them from an early age, and throughout their life.

There are plenty of different ways to get your dog to meet other dogs. Saying there aren't any dogs near where you live isn't an excuse. Sometimes you have to make an effort to find ways to enable your dog to spend time with other dogs.

Get out and about

Try and get out and about as much as you can. Just walking along the road where there might be other people walking their dogs can help. This will get your dog used to walking past other dogs.

Go on walks with other dogs

Arrange dog walks with your friends who have dogs, or get to know some other local dog owners and arrange a regular dog walk. Going on dog walks with other dogs is an excellent way of getting your dog used to spending time with their canine friends.

Have other dogs to stay

This is not appropriate for dogs who are protective of their home, some dogs are not happy to let other dogs into their territory. However, if your dog is happy for other dogs to visit then invite friends over with their dogs.

Visit friends who have dogs

You can also visit friends who have dogs that you know your dog gets on well with.

Take part in a dog sport

If you take part in a dog sport then your dog will come across lots of other dogs that are in their class. Not only will they have to socialise with other dogs, but they will have to learn to focus on the task at hand even with other dogs present. For example, doing an agility course while other dogs are in the agility area. This is a good skill for them to learn.

Take them to your local dog park

You could always take your dog to your local dog park. Here your dog will get the chance to meet lots of different types of dogs. However, be careful to only let your dog socialise with friendly, well mannered dogs. If they have a negative experience it could make them fearful of other dogs.

Supervised play with other dogs

If you can find a dog that your dog plays really well with then try and meet up for regular play sessions. Play is a really healthy activity for dogs, it helps provide them with mental stimulation and physical exercise.

Go to a dog show

If your dog isn't very well socialised and doesn't get on with other dogs particularly well then a dog show will be far too overwhelming. However, if your dog is friendly and sociable then this is the ideal place to let them meet and be amongst lots of other dogs.

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