Dog Microchipping

Dog Microchipping

Why is microchipping important?

Microchipping is so important because it enables your dog to be identified. It is a legal requirement to make sure your dog has an identification tag, but what if your dog's collar comes off or the tag falls off? Then there is no other way of identifying your dog unless they are microchipped. Microchipping will soon be compulsory for all following an announcement from the Westminster Government. Getting your dog microchipped means they can be returned quickly to you as the microchip contains your contact details. It also proves that your dog belongs to you and that they have a home to go to. So many dogs go missing every year and are not reunited with their owners because there is no way of finding them. If your dog is lost or stolen at least if they are microchipped you have a chance of getting them, back.

What is a microchip?

A microchip is a tiny electronic chip that contains information about your dog. This information can be obtained simply by scanning your dog. Microchips are placed under the skin, usually between the shoulder blades. Once your dog has a microchip you need to register their microchip number with your details.

How can I get my dog microchipped?

You can get your dog microchipped at most vets. Some animal charities also offer microchipping.

How much does it cost?

It costs between £20 and £30 to get your dog microchipped if you go to a vet. However, some animal charities and dog rescue centres offer microchipping for free.

What happens if my dog is lost?

If someone finds your dog they will be able to take them to a local vet to look for a microchip. The vet will scan your dog for a chip and when they find it they will be able to access your contact details. You will then be reunited with your dog.

What are the benefits of microchipping:

  • Your dog is more likely to be found if lost or stolen
  • If your dog is found injured a vet can get in touch to get permission for emergency procedures
  • Your dog will be returned quickly if they are lost because they can quickly be identified
  • Prevents animal cruelty because dogs that are microchipped can be traced back to their owners.
  • Helps prevent puppy farming because all puppies are traceable to their breeder.
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