Dog Friendly Coffee Shops

Dog Friendly Coffee Shops

There's nothing I enjoy more than getting out and about with my dogs, except perhaps a great coffee! I take the pooches everywhere I can with me but there are many places where they are less than welcome. Unfortunately for me, that includes most coffee shops. Don't these people realise that a decent cappuccino is a matter of life and death?It's so upsetting when I can't top off a great day out with that all-important caffeine fix. I am constantly passing lovely little cafes with rather delicious-looking cakes on display but find myself unable to go in because of the dogs. But I have now found somewhere to shop and enjoy a coffee with my pooches at my side! This discovery was a life-changing event!

Dog-Friendly Garden Centre

A few weeks ago, I found myself needing a few plants for the garden as I had just moved house. A quick search online revealed that there was an award-winning garden centre just a few minutes down the road. Lucky me!I headed straight there and was suitably impressed with the quality of the plants and the service. Then, as I loaded my car with my shrubs and perennials I noticed a gentleman heading towards the entrance with his Labrador - and it wasn't an assistance dog. Gosh! Was this somewhere that I could shop with my dogs?

Coffee with the Dogs

The next time I needed plants, I called ahead to ask if I could visit with my dogs and the cheerful voice on the other end of the phone announced that dogs were welcome - even in the Cafe. Hallelujah! I couldn't get the dogs' harnesses on quick enough! The poor mutts clearly couldn't understand what the emergency was as I virtually fell out of the front door! Did they not realise that a coffee shop which welcomes dogs is a miracle? My visit did not disappoint!

Doggy Cafe

After investing in yet more greenery for the garden, I strode into the Cafe feeling on cloud nine but, inconceivably, things were about to get even better! Not only was the Cafe serving amazing cakes and the best coffee I had tasted in weeks, it also featured a pet Cafe with drinks and snacks for dogs! I couldn't believe it!I sat there ramming a large amount of cream and meringue into my mouth thinking that I might have died and gone to a very special kind of heaven. My pooches made short work of their biscuits and doggy beer and so we were all extremely happy with our visit. Why don't more establishments provide this level of service?It would have been the perfect day had my darling Dougal not pooped next to the bedding plants! Oh well, at least he didn't do it in the Cafe and he is only 5 months old, after all!

Welsh Wonder

For the record, the garden centre concerned is Fron Goch which is located just outside Caernarfon in North Wales. If you happen to be in the area with your pooch and fancy a great coffee and a very naughty cake, pay them a visit. Your dog will certainly enjoy their trip to the cafe!

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