Dog Advent Calendar How To Make One

Dog Advent Calendar How To Make One

You can make lots of different homemade advent calendars for humans, so why can't you make one for your dog? You can make a special advent calendar for your dog and turn it into a fun game every day until Christmas. Your dog will love opening a different treat with you each morning. If you are not up to the challenge and would prefer to buy a dog friendly advent calender then you can always purchase one from our website here . Or if you want to get creative this Christmas then here is how to make your own advent calendar for your dog.

Buy Your Dogs Favourite Treats

Pick your dog's favourite Treats in the world and order some for their advent calendar. It's nice to give them treats that they are really excited about. If you can get a few different types of treats so that they have a fun surprise every day.

Buy Or Make 24 Pouches Or Gift Bags

All you need is 24 dog friendly containers such as material pouches or paper gift bags. You can choose them in Christmas colours such as green and red so that they look really festive. If you are on a tight budget you could sew your own pouches or do hand made boxes using card.

Put The Treats Inside

Put one treat at the bottom of every pouch or bag.

Put Tissue Paper On Top

Cover the treats with tissue paper or something that isn't harmful to dogs. Don't let them eat the tissue, they should just search through it to find the treat.

Hang The Pouches On The Wall

Position the pouches on the wall in an advent calendar shape or lay them on a surface that your dog can't reach. You don't want them being greedy and eating all the treats in one day like we are sometimes tempted to do!

Give Your Dog One Each Day

Then all you need to do is get into the routine of giving your dog an advent calendar treat every day at the same time that you choose to enjoy yours. Your dog will absolutely love rummaging through the bag in search of their favourite treat. Never let them do this unsupervised, you should always be around to make sure they don't eat something they shouldn't.

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