Cutest Dog Breeds

Cutest Dog Breeds

It's nearly impossible to put together a shortlist of the cutest dog breeds, because all dog breeds are so darn adorable. Plus, everyone has a different opinion on what type of dogs they think are cute. Some people prefer tiny fluffy toy dogs, others think teddy bear poodle crosses are the best. Whether you prefer big gun dogs or small lapdogs depends on your own personal preferences. However, there are a few dog breeds that have develop a reputation for being particularly cute. You will probably disagree with us, so if we have left your favourite breed off the list feel free to leave a comment explaining why they are cute and deserve a place on the list. Here are some dog breeds that we think score ten out of ten on the cuteness scale.


The Pomeranian makes the list mainly because of 'Boo', dubbed the cutest dog in the world. Boo is an internet sensation with his own website, book and dedicated YouTube channel. They have a long fluffy coat that is sometimes trimmed into a teddy bear cut, making them look impossibly cute.


Labradors had to make the list because of the infamous Andrex Puppies. They are the epitome of cuteness. These puppies that promote loo roll have skyrocketed the labradors popularity and reputation for being one of the cutest breeds, especially as puppies.


Beagles have totally mastered puppy dog eyes and know exactly how to get what they want from their owner, mainly just by being cute. Many people are fooled into getting a Beagle because they look so adorable. However, appearances can be deceiving because Beagles also have a reputation for being pretty naughty.


Corgis look like they are constantly smiling. Their little short legs and happy go lucky facial expression is difficult to resist. Sadly Corgis are now in decline. Their numbers have fallen so much that they are at risk. It's difficult to understand why they have fallen out of favour because they are so ridiculously cute.

Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers have become extremely popular lately, and it could be due to the fact that they are super cute. They have an endearing face and very sweet little ears. Frenchies are also very affectionate and playful which adds to their cute appeal.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier's have a face that looks a little bit sad sometimes, which makes your heart melt. They are the kind of dog you want to scoop up in your arms and cuddle forever more. They also have a lovely soft coat and like to wag their tails a lot.

Poodle mixes

OK, so they may not be an official dog breed yet but they still deserve a mention. Yorkipoos, cockapoos, labradoodles, goldendoodles and cavapoos. These poodle mixes are very popular these days. Their curly, fluffy coats and playful personalities makes them some of the cutest dogs you can get.

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