Clumsiest Dog Breeds

Clumsiest Dog Breeds

Some dogs seem to get themselves into all sorts of trouble, simply because they are a little clumsy. Their clumsiness causes a few injuries and unintentional accidents every so often. Owners of clumsy dogs might find that household items get broken more easily, because their dog crashes into everything. Some dogs can also be a little bit lazy and don't even bother avoiding things.

There are a select few dog breeds that tend to be a bit more clumsy than others. There are some exceptions to the rule, so if you have one of these breeds that doesn't guarantee your dog will be clumsy.


Bulldogs are often nicknamed 'bulldozers' because they are bold and often barge into everything. Here is a cute video of a very clumsy bulldog.


Lots of owners say that boxers can act like clowns a lot of the time. They are extremely boisterous and playful and just want to get stuck into fun activities. However, this does make them a little overexcited and clumsy at times.


Believe it or not labradors can actually be fairly clumsy. They are energetic, loving and can often be quite hefty. This makes them clumsy at times, especially when they want love and affection from humans


Rottweilers are very strong, powerful dogs that can cause quite a lot of damage if they knock into things. They are very active dogs and can have a tendency to throw their weight around and occasionally be a little clumsy.

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels are very adorable, happy dogs but they can also be hyperactive and bouncy. This makes them more likely to bump into things and stumble over things.

Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers are bold and impressive dogs that never fail to get noticed. They are often very stocky for their size and can sometimes be a bit clumsy.


Whippets make the list because they like to run at ridiculously fast speeds, which makes them more prone to injuries. They are often costly on insurance because of this.

Springer Spaniel

Springer Spaniels can occasionally have poor spatial awareness and knock things over with their extremely waggy tails.

Basset Hound

Basset Hounds aren't the most elegant or agile dogs. They have short, stumpy legs which makes it difficult to get around obstacles, hence their occasional clumsiness.


Like Whippets, Lurchers can run very fast which means they too are more likely to get injured than some other dogs. They have two speeds, extremely fast or very slow.

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