Christmas Presents For Dogs

Christmas Presents For Dogs

Another Christmas is about to come merrily rolling around and you're nearly there! Presents for Mum and Dad? Tick. The perfect present for your special loved one? Yep. You've even found that extra special gift for your cousin you barely see. Well done you. But what about the star of the festive show? Your ever faithful companion that's right. Just what are you going to get for your dog? Here are some of our favourites. . .

The perfect plush toy

Every dog loves a plush. From gingerbread men to penguins and carrots. Yep, that's right. When it comes to cuddly Christmas companions, we don't discriminate!

A festive tipple

There's nothing better than waking up Christmas morning to a merry glass of prosecco. But what about your joyful pooch? Whilst they can't share from the same bottle as you, they can absolutely indulge in a glass or two of sparkling Pawsecco. Remember to always drink responsibly and accompany any pups under five!

Dress him to impress

Every dog deserves to look their best come Christmas day, right? So look no further than this Petface robin bandana. Screaming festive cheer and style in abundance, slip one of these into your dog's stocking and he'll have all your guests talking about what good taste you have!

Snap, crackle and pop

It's not Christmas without a cracker, so why not pick up one of these amazing Ancol Christmas Vinyl Crackers? A cracker full of traditional squeaky dog toys? Yes, please. As an extra special Xmas treat, the toys themselves come firmly in the festive spirit. Watch in anticipation as your pal has fun with Santa, Rudolph and his penguin friends.

Stocking Fillers

Searching for adorable little gifts for your pal's stocking is always a fun task, but if you're running out of time this Christmas, why not buy one ready-made? Petface rawhide stocking which not only looks awesome, but everything in it is edible! Perfect for a pre-roast dinner snack.

It's all about the pudding

Once the festive dinner has been demolished, there's always room for a little something sweet. Enter the Petface Christmas Pudding. Made from biscuit crumbs, this novel gift contains doggy-safe chocolate flavouring to whet your dog's appetite. Pop one of these puddings in his stocking for a tasty afternoon treat.

Afternoon games

Continue on with the Christmas pudding theme by wrapping up one of these fun-filled pooch party games to break out later on in the day. All you need to do is fill the Christmas pudding ball with your dog's favourite treats and watch in wonder as they try with all their might to work out just how to gain access to them!

Wrap up warm

As the night-time chill begins to set in on another fantastic Christmas, what better way to end the day than with the gift of warmth? Say hello to the super snug, nan knit Ancol Navy Reindeer Christmas Jumper. Saving the best for last, this is a present for life, not just for Christmas day. Slip over Fido's head and snuggle up together by the fireplace with a mince pie or two. Delicious.

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