Chinese Dog Breeds

Chinese Dog Breeds

Dog breeds originally from China are highly attractive to UK pet owners for their distinct characteristics and less common presence on these shores. Whether puppies or adult dogs, they tend to make for wonderful family pets while the best Chinese dog breeds cover a wide range of sizes and personality traits.

The Appeal Of Chinese Dog Breeds

Chinese dog breeds were restricted to China for many centuries, meaning that their presence in the UK and mainland Europe is still in its relative infancy. As such, their DNA has not really entered the gene pool, and crossbreeding has been limited. This has resulted in their appearances and personality traits remaining largely unique to their own breeds.

Many of the Chinese dog breeds also offer loyalty, courage, and dependability that UK dog owners love. While the Chinese dogs that originally appeared in zoos did not take too well to Western meat diets, many of the modern breeds do.

Popular Chinese Dog Breeds

There are several sought-after Chinese dog breeds, with each offering their unique characteristics. Some of the most popular breeds are:


having been around since the 8th century, they are known for loyalty and stubbornness. Aesthetically, their thick manes have resulted in the nickname “lion dog”.


The world's rarest breed of dog. Their tan-coloured fur and loose skin give them a hugely friendly appearance. Despite the nickname “fighting dog”, they are not natural fighters but were previously forced into dogfighting.

Chinese Crested

The ultimate sofa companion, the Chinese Crested is quite an easy dog to look after while they are playful without being too energetic.

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