Cat Vomiting

Cat Vomiting

No one likes to deal with cat vomit. It is one of the worst things to have to deal with, especially when you walk into it when you get home from a long day. When you are dealing with a cat being sick, it can make you panic - why are they being sick? How can you stop it? Is this something serious? So many questions float around your mind, and the worst thing is that cats occasionally vomit for no reason at all!

That is right: occasional vomiting can be totally normal. When cats eat too quickly, they digest the things that they need and vomit up the rest, which is normal. They also vomit when they gag too much on a hairball, as the hair tickles the stomach lining and triggers their reflex to vomit. These are perfectly normal reasons for a cat to vomit, and the sticky pile of the rug - in these cases - really are just an inconvenience. There are other reasons behind cat vomiting, though, and those are laid out for you below.

Reasons For Cat Vomiting

Stomach Inflammation

If the stomach is inflamed, you can bet your cat will be vomiting. Sickness due to medication and specific food intolerances happens. You should also be aware that certain anti-inflammatories can cause illness, and they can also cause stomach ulcers. Any cats that are living on medication who begin vomiting need to be taken to the vet.


A common problem for cats are intestinal worms - it's why regularly deworming a cat is essential. Some worm species survive the deworming process, so you need to ensure that you have a stool sample to confirm that your cat is worm-free and happy. It's something to look into if they're clear of worms and still vomiting, though!

Food Intolerances

We mentioned food intolerances before, and it is a valid reason for vomiting in your cat. In the same way, humans deal with vomiting and gut issues when they are intolerant to certain foods; cats have the same thing. Try to narrow down the intolerance and cut it out of your cat's intake.

Bowel Issues

Inflammatory bowel disease is very closely related to food intolerances. If your cat has both vomiting and diarrhea, they will be overly sensitive to anything going into their system. It would help if you spoke to the vet about reducing the inflammation and about your cat's diet.

When to See the Vet

Other than the ones listed, there are a lot of reasons for cat vomiting. The thing is, while you can guess, only a vet can confirm it for you! If you are worried about when to take your cat to the vet, look out for sudden vomiting, vomiting every day and diarrhea along with it. If your cat is vomiting while on medication, they need to be seen so that they can get the medicine they need without throwing it back up. If you notice lethargy and an increased thirst with vomiting, it is time to head to the vet. Trust your instincts when it comes to your cat being sick.

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