Cat Standing

Cat Standing

No longer be baffled as to why your kitty is standing up!

Whether you are a frequenter subreddit, or just a cat owner wondering what this behaviour means, you'll find a wealth of knowledge below.

Look mean

In the same way that many animals choose to look big and scary, a cat standing up on their hind legs may feel that they feel in danger. After all, whatever is posing a threat is bound to think twice about attacking if their mark just puffed up and got much bigger!

In addition to standing on their hind legs to look larger, cats also tend to puff their tails and arch their backs as well. Which if you ask me, gives them a much more imposing look that could help them escape unharmed in many dangerous situations.


Sometimes when a cat stands on their hind legs, it's not just about looking mean. It's also about getting a good look at something from a safe distance, while also protecting themselves by appearing larger.

For instance, my cat Scout is deathly afraid of the hoover, but he also doesn't like to run away and hide and lose face when I'm cleaning my house. Instead, he'll go to another part of the room, usually as far away from the dreaded noise as possible and stand up on his hind legs. Therefore, showing both what a brave boy he is and keeping an eye on the pesky hoover, lest it changes direction and comes his way!

Extra effort for treats

I'm not sure about your feline furbabies, but both of mine will go to pretty extreme lengths to get their favourite treats. When it comes to those meaty sticks or little pillows filled with cheese, standing on their back legs seems to be no problem at all.

Of course, Boris likes to also dig his claws into my leg as a way of ensuring he is stable. However, that's all par-for-the-course, in the life of a cat owner. The great thing about this standing up behaviour is that with a little trust and some patience you can get your cats to eat the treats right out of your hand, which is pretty much the most adorable thing, ever!

Getting your attention

Another common reason that your cat may be standing on their hind legs is that they want to be sure they are securing your attention. It can be like an extension to a head bump or rub, with the extra excitement and pleased-to-see-you enthusiasm overflowing into a more strenuous position! See they do love us as much as we love them!

Specific reasons for standing in cats

Finally, apart from the reasons listed above, some more specific things cause cats to stand on their hind legs.

The first of these is if your kitty has problems with their mobility, such as front paw or hip issues. Something that may mean the primary way of getting around is by standing and walking in their back legs.

Additionally, munchkin cats, whose legs are remarkably short may need to stand to do everyday activities.

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