Cat Sneezing

Cat Sneezing

If you have ever seen a cat or kitten sneeze, then you will most likely be in agreeance that it’s one of the cutest sounds you will hear. We all sneeze from time to time, and sometimes it seems like there are no apparent reasons. As you can imagine, if your cat or kitten sneezes once in a while, and acts normal with all else, it’s probably nothing to be concerned about.

However, if your cat or kitten are sneezing are happening more often and are accompanied by mucus or blood, or there is any sign of a cough or discharge from the eyes, then the sneezing could be a sign of another problem.

Whether you are a little concerned about your little friend or just a little curious, have a look below at some of the reasons your kitty might sneeze:

Just A Simple Tickle

This is the most common cause of a sneeze in a cat. Just a simple tickle of their nose, maybe a piece of dust or irritation to a new smell and cause their nose to reflex sneeze. This type of sneeze is not much different from a normal scratch, tickle, or itch.

Respiratory Infections

Another common cause for cats sneezing is related to a respiratory infection, most commonly a viral infection. That is right, our kitties can get colds too! Likely infectious diseases include:

  • Calicivirus
  • Herpes virus
  • Chlamydia Infections
  • Bacterial Infections
  • Fungal Infections are less common but can affect their sinuses

You may find that a respiratory infection will be accompanied by excessive tearing or discharge from the eyes, and/or a cough.

Irritation To Chemicals

At times, a noxious smell or chemical fumes related to some solvents can produce inflammation of the membranes of a cat’s nose and sinuses. If they sneeze, this is their way of getting rid of the irritation. Some cats are also sensitive to things like tobacco smoke, various cleaning chemicals, and perfumes.

Foreign Bodies

Nasal foreign bodies like blades of grass or grass seeds can find their way into the nasal cavity of a cat or kitten. The first result will be an irritation which means sneezing, the if it cannot be expelled, it could lead to a nasal infection.

Dental Diseases

Dental disease can also cause sneezing in cats. Particularly when it involves root infections. Having an infection in their tooth can enable bacteria to build in the nasal sinus which leads to inflammation and thus sneezing.

Pollen Allergies

Ok, so pollen allergies are much less common in a cat then they are a person, however, they also are not unheard of. In fact, some cats can be allergic to certain types of pollen or flowers. So, if your cat is sneezing when you have had a new bunch of flowers, they could be the cause.

If your kitty only sneezes occasionally, then it is probably nothing to worry about. However, if you notice that the sneezing is accompanied by other symptoms like discharge from the eyes, a runny nose, or loss of appetite, it is best to have your cat checked at the vets.

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