Cat Names

Cat Names

When you have the excitement of getting a new cat, it can be easy to forget about cat names and kitten names and leave choosing the perfect cat name until last minute. After all, we want to meet our new family member and get to know them before deciding which unusual or funny cat names suit them.

Naming your pets can be difficult, it’s certainly very easy to get caught up looking for hours at Ginger cat names, black cat names, black and white cat names, grey cat names, white cat names or female cat/kitten names or male cat/kitten names.

You will find that when you search for things like popular cat names, cute cat names, or cool cat name you will be produced with some unusual and unexpected results.

If you are finding it hard to come up with a great name for your new cat, have a look below at some of the great reasons why:

Why Should You Give Your Cat A Name?

So, you may be questioning why it is so important for you to give a cat a name anyway.

Although they are certainly nothing like dogs with calling their name, giving a cat a name recognizes them as an individual part of the family with their own qualities. It also helps us as an owner to identify with the cat and build a relationship.

Makes sense, yea? As we build relationships with anyone in our lives whether they are people or pets, having a name helps us to identify them, and connect with them. You will find that each cat or pet has unique qualities that will make you want to identify them as an individual, in their own right.

What Sort Of Name Will Your Cat Respond To?

Of course, you can name your cat anything that you like, however, research shows that our kitties respond much better to higher pitches, so think about how your name of choice sounds.

Cats are also much more likely to respond to shorter words. It gives them a simple and clear message. They are able to process the sound and start to recognise it as you are getting their attention. If you are already guilty of bestowing a rather long name to your cat, maybe a shortened version of the name might help you get their attention.

Do They Really Recognize Their Names?

This is a topic that has been in recent scientific studies. Turns out, that yes, cats can learn to respond to their name. Cats are able to learn their human’s voice, and therefore are able to learn their name too. However, they may still ignore you, which to most cat lovers will not be surprising.

Tips For Teaching Them Their Name

It is possible to teach a cat their name ell enough for them to come when called. The owners just need to be consistent with the way they call. Too many nicknames and tones can be confusing for a cat. Start with a simple command like ‘come here’ and then use the cats chosen name. You could also try things like ringing a bell, it’s extremely easy to teach a cat to come for their food when you ring a bell, this can come in handy when trying to get them to come in from outside.

Can A Cat Adjust To A New Name When Adopted?

If you have rehomed a cat, then the chances are you will want to give them a new name to go with their new home. The good news is that ats are able to adjust to a new name and it’s not too complicated for them.

This is because a big part of a cat’s name is the tone of our voice. They respond to the tone much more than the actual syllables from the name we have chosen. This is why having some nicknames are ok because they recognise the tone and sound of your voice instead. If you start to call them their new name or choose one with a similar sound, then they will learn and love the sound of their new name quickly.

Whether you choose to go tradition, quirky, or simple, you more than anyone will know exactly the ideal name for your cat. The more you say it and use it, the more you will start to associate with your new cat or kitten, and they will become a fast member of the family.

If you get stuck, do not forget there are a plethora of ideas online.

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