Cat Intelligence

Cat Intelligence

We are all guilty of being bias when it comes to our furry feline companions, mainly boasting about how intelligent they are. Well, since the cat has become a domesticated pet, research shows they have twice as many neurons in their brain compared to their canine counterparts. This is the area of the brain that interprets information, language, rational decision making, and complex problem solving. So it looks like there is some truth in our bragging after all, not just our imagination running wild!

Your cat is incredibly resourceful and self-reliant and has survived thousands of years in radically different environments and living conditions. So why are we drawn to them so fondly? Well, it's mainly because of their smart behaviors that give us great satisfaction to observe. Check out some super intelligent behaviors below to see which ones you can relate to:

1. Smart move

Cats enjoy a solitary existence - they answer to no one and are highly motivated by the need to survive. If intelligence is measured by survival, cats are hands down winners. When you see a cat walking around on the street, do you feel the need to take it in and give it a home? Probably not. But many would agree that a dog needs help finding a safe place to be until his owners find him.

If you took a cat and a dog and put them outside to fend for themselves for ten days, the cat will more than likely come back fat and happy. This signifies that cats have a more self-reliant nature, and a knack for looking after themselves.

2. Memorability

Many of cat's remarkable mental and physical abilities are dismissed as simply instinctive. However, just as humans are born with innate communication skills that must be learnt over time to master a language, cats refine many of their inborn abilities through practice. Once attained, most knowledge is retained for life, thanks to the cat's excellent memory.

3. Practice makes purrfect

The right cat given the right reinforcement can be trained to do a variety of tricks - sitting on command, lifting a paw, lying down as well as having the ability to relate words to hand gestures. They are solely motivated by treats, and don't find a pat on the head or other physical reward quite as satisfying as their canine counterparts, but that doesn't diminish their intelligence. Some say it may in fact be a sign of higher intelligence.

4. Showing emotion

Cats 'own us', not vice versa. They will always have the upper hand and seek affection on their terms. They are adept at letting you know that something is upsetting them. Whether it's sending you on a guilt trip about going away when you pull a suitcase out to pack for a holiday or someone new in the home is causing a change in routine. Cats voice their opinions in a number of ways - from hissing to giving you the evil-eye - you'll know when you've upset them!

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