Cat Behaves Like A Dog

Cat Behaves Like A Dog

Some cats seem to get confused over w hich species they are supposed to be. They appear to be less feline and more canine in their behaviour. It's quite entertaining and also rather odd when you see a cat displaying behaviours that you would normally associate with a dog.

Some cat breeds have actually been bred to develop certain behaviours and personality traits that are more similar to dogs, and others are trained to be more like dogs by their owners. If your cat does most of the following things then they may generally behave more like a dog than a cat.

They can do a 'sit'

Yes, believe it or not you can actually teach some cats to do a 'sit'. All it takes is a bit of repetition and a few treats and they can master this trick that is well known as something that dogs do.

They play fetch

There are many videos on YouTube of cats that seem to enjoy a game of fetch. The run after a toy or a ball and fetch for their owners just like dogs do. This is a good form of mental stimulation for cats and it also provides them with a bit of exercise.

They love learning tricks

Does your cat love learning lots of new tricks? Cat owners don't usually train their cats to do things, but there are a few exceptions to the rule. If your cat constantly wants to learn new tricks then they may be showing signs of behaving in a similar way to dogs.

They protect their owners from danger

Dogs will often protect their home by patrolling their territory and barking when a stranger is present. Does your cat think it's a guard dog?

They enjoy going for walks on the lead

A few owners like to take their cats out for walks on the lead. People aren't used to seeing cats walking on a leash because they normally roam free instead. Some cats behave like dogs by wanting to go out for daily walks with their owners.

They want to be with dogs, like all the time

Occasionally cats think they are part of the pack, and always want to be around their canine companions. They spend so much time with dogs that they may start to copy certain behaviours.

They wag their tail

Cats don't usually wag their tail in the same way that dogs do, but there are a few exceptions to the rule. Some cats like to wag their tails when they are excited or when they want something.

They pant like a dog

Does your cat seem to pant like a dog? This is another doggy behaviour that can be seen in some cats.

They play tug of war

A few cats like to play the odd game of tug of war in their spare time. This is generally considered a game for dogs but cats can play it too, as long as you are careful with their teeth.

They sometimes growl

Cats normally tend to hiss when they feel threatened but it seems some feel growling is more effective.

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