Buying A Car When You Have Dogs

Buying A Car When You Have Dogs

If you've got dogs, sadly you can't just go out and buy a flashy sports car. You need to think about the practical side of things. It's important to choose a car that's not only right for you, but your dog too.

Dogs also have a tendency to make everything muddy and just generally create a bit of a mess. But if you want a bright and shiny new car, don't despair, there are plenty of products that can help protect your car from those naughty paws.

Another thing to consider is that your dog will need to be restained properly at all times when in a car. So you need to get a car that has space for them to sit in a Crate, or be strapped in. Plus, the law states that Fido needs to be secured safely at all times whilst in your car. Which means you can't let your dog sit in the front seat with no seatbelt on. Us humans shouldn't drive in a car without our seat belts as the consequences could be fatal, so why should not do the same for our pets?

The official rules according to the gov. uk Highway Code are:

When in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves, if you stop quickly.

Selecting the right car will have big impact on how easy it is to restrain your dog and transport them from A to B. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a new car if you've got dogs

  1. 1. Boot size - if you're planning on putting your pooch in the boot, then a mini's probably not going to cut it. Opt for a car with a large boot. Consider both width and depth.
  2. 2. Height - yup, the higher up your car is, the higher Fido has to jump to get in. And as your dog gets older, they might not have as much spring in their step. You don't want to have to lift them every time, although you can get dog car travel products like ramps to lend a helping hand and get your dog in safely.
  3. 3. A boot that opens easily - so your dog can jump in and out without any issues.
  4. 4. Seats that fold - dogs tend to take up a lot of room in your car, and if you're going on weekend trips and packing lots of stuff, then chairs that fold down to give extra room can be handy.
  5. 5. Decent storage - you will probably want a fair amount of compartments where you can store doggy supplies like poo bags, water bowls, leads, treats and toys etc.
  6. 6. Back windows you can control from the front - you will need to be able to undo the back windows whilst in the driver's seat so that if it gets a bit stuff whilst you are driving, you can undo the back windows to ventilate the car and give your dogs some fresh air.
  7. 7. Legroom- and by that we really mean 'paw' room. You think about your leg room, but what about Fido's? You don't want your poor dog to be cramped and unable to stretch their legs. Before you buy the car see if you can test out how much room your dog has once inside. Do consider the size of your dog when buying a car, e. g. a Fiat 500 is not going to work for a Great Dane.
  8. 8. Suspension your dog feels the bumps roads just like you do. And a car that absorbs the lumps and bumps will make their ride more comfy and also make them less likely to suffer travel sickness.
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