Bulldog Breeds

Bulldog Breeds

Stocky, always grinning, bulky legs and plenty of arrogance and boldness, that we love and enjoy! Bulldogs are some of the best dogs you will ever greet or own. They are so happy, all the time and t hey don’t mind being just as lazy as you on a hot day! These are some of the most well-known bulldog breeds.

British Bulldog

Short, stocky and with a mouth that curls upwards, this bulldog breed has a popular underbite. It is cute, and brave, which is why so many British families love them.

Olde British bulldogge

This is the original bulldog, not necessarily bred for looks. These have longer legs, muscular frames and have square heads.

American Bulldog

They are kind of big, usually holding the majority of weight around their midsection. They are slightly longer than the average British bulldog and they have thinner ears.

French Bulldog

Smallest of the breeds, it has got a lot of personality but can be a little timid. This is great for a young family that wants to keep their children occupied but not afraid of any doggy misbehavior.

Australian Bulldog

This breed is great for those that love the outdoors. The body is thick and strong, but the legs are tall and muscular to support a larger frame. These dogs love to go running and exploring, unlike the British bulldog.

Blue-blood Bulldog

Bred in America, these are usually game dogs, for the countryside and farming. They love to get down and dirty, helping hunters retrieve their catch and generally, being a good old farm dog that helps out around the place.

All bulldogs are precious. We recommend this breed for families. They are loyal, tough and most of all, possess bounds of energy and personality.

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