Bucket List For Cats

Bucket List For Cats

We featured a bucket list for dogs last month which was very popular. We thought it was only fair to include a cats bucket list too for all the cat lovers out there. What things would a cat want to do throughout their lifetime? What might they want to include on their list of things to do before they go to cat heaven? Here are 28 things cats might want to tick off their list. Feel free to add your own suggestions below.

  1. Go fishing for salmon
  1. Become an internet sensation
  1. Chase a laser
  1. Sleep on a luxury bed
  1. Stay in a 5 star cat hotel
  1. 'Accidentally' scratch owner
  1. Sleep on sofa
  1. Meet Garfield
  1. Place bum near owners face
  1. Squeeze through a tiny gap
  1. Torment a dog
  1. Get through all nine lives
  1. Get stuck up a tree
  1. Steal owners seat
  1. Invite belly rubs, but only for ten seconds, then lash out
  1. Get owner to buy enormous scratching post
  1. Bring home a dead animal to owner as a gift
  1. Destroy owners plant pots
  1. Spend a day with a lion pack
  1. Disappear for a few days on an adventure
  1. Steal milk from the fridge
  1. Use the sofa as a scratching post
  1. Command owners attention for an entire day
  1. Find a barn with lots of mice to chase
  1. Have a nap in the sunshine
  1. Spend a day birdwatching
  1. Play hide and seek with owner
  1. Pounce on owner when they least expect it

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