Borrowing A Dog

Borrowing A Dog

Borrow A Dog If You Can't Commit To A Dog Full Time

So many people dream of getting a dog but deep down they know they can't have one. Not everyone is in a position to be able to care for a dog. If you work full time and aren't at home much then it just wouldn't be fair to get a dog. They are also a huge amount of work and aren't cheap to own so some people are forced to opt out of getting a dog.

However, if you are too busy to take on a dog of your own there are other ways to spend time with dogs. Thankfully, some genius has come up with an amazing website that connects dog owners with people who want to look after a dog for short periods. was set up for dogs, owners and dog lovers. They 'match doggy owners with local borrowers for walkies, playdays, sleepovers and happy holidays. '

This is a great service for dogs because they get the exercise and attention they need and aren't left for long periods while their owners are out. It's also good for dogs to get used to being in different places and situations. They get the chance to socialise with new people and sometimes even new dogs.

It's a handy service for owners because they can find someone they trust to look after their dog. Dog daycare and dog kennels aren't cheap. Thankfully there are many people out there who are perfectly happy to look after a dog for free.

Dog lovers can also benefit from this clever new website. So many people always end up saying to their friends 'I really want a dog but I just don't have the time/money. ' People who adore spending time with dogs can find a dog who needs looking after when their owner is out. They can then look after a dog they like on a regular basis and get some of the benefits of being around a dog but without the big commitment. They simply hand the dog back to their owner when the agreed time is up.

Borrow My Dog has been featured in all the national newspapers and has become extremely popular. They have 93, 000 fans on and plenty of people signing up to their fantastic service.

5 Ways To Spend Time With Dogs Without Actually Owning One

Many dog lovers spend their days wishing they could have a dog. Unfortunately, not everyone is in a position to care for a dog on a full time basis. This can be for a variety of reasons such as not having enough time or money, working full time or not being allowed pets in rented accommodation. It can be very frustrating when you adore being around dogs but you can't actually own one yourself. Don't worry, there are ways to get around this probably. Just because you don't own a dog doesn't mean you can't have dogs in your life. Here are five ways to spend time with dogs without actually owning one.

1. Volunteer at a rescue centre

Many rescue centres are in desperate need of volunteers to help them out in their kennels. They often need people to walk the dogs and help with maintaining the kennels. Giving your time to a dog rescue centre is a great way of spending time with dogs. It will involve some hard work but it's all worth it when you get to be around these wonderful animals. Contact your nearest rescue centre to see whether they need any volunteers.

2. Go to doggy events

There are plenty of doggy events to attend where you can meet all sorts of different dogs. Whether you want to watch dogs in a show or see a variety of different breeds there will be a suitable event you can go to. At Discover Dogs they have all the dog breeds in one place so you can get to know what different dog breeds are like. Large dog shows such as Crufts enable you to watch shows and dogs performing. There are also lots of events and pet shows across the country you can go to where there are always plenty of dogs in attendance. Check out some of these events

3. Borrowmydoggy. com

This is a new website that connects dog owners with people who want to look after dogs. It's a website that is made for people who want a dog but are not yet in a position to have one. You can search through lots of dogs that need looking after while their owner is away and put a request in to look after them. borrowmydoggy. com aims to 'match doggy owners with local borrowers for walkies, playdays, sleepovers and happy holidays. ' Check out their for more details and to find dogs in your area.

4. Look after family and friend's dogs

Got any friends and family that occasionally need someone to look after their dog? Simply let them know that you would be happy to help them out. Lots of people have a family member that they know will always look after their dog. You get to look after their dog for short periods without all the responsibility. You will be helping your friends and family out whilst getting to spend more time with dogs.

5. Embark on a career working with dogs

If you are mad about dogs then you could always consider a career working with dogs. Why not do something your love? There are lots of different ways you can work with dogs such as grooming, dog training/behaviour, working as a vet and dog walking. For many people working with dogs is their dream career. It's an ideal way to get some interaction and daily contact with dogs without having to look after one yourself.

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