Bassador Dog Breed Guide

Bassador Dog Breed Guide

Friendly and boasting cute looks, Bassadors are charming dogs which are great with kids. They can live pretty much anywhere and require a moderate amount of exercise. These dogs vary greatly due to their mixed parentage and so it is impossible to know exactly what you are going to get when you see that adorable puppy.

Which breed group is the Bassador in?

Breed group: none - this dog is a crossbreed

Bassador breed history

A so-called designer dog, the Bassador is the result of crossing a basset hound with a Labrador. Similar dogs would probably have emerged naturally, but breeders began evolving the hybrid in the 1990s. As the parent dogs are so radically different, puppies can vary considerably in appearance.

Bassador breed characteristics

It is difficult to characterise the Bassador as each dog is unique. It is possible for puppies to inherit any combination of traits from its parents, but these dogs tend to be stocky with short legs. Coats are short, thick and dense and it is important to note that Bassadors shed. Their ears are often large and pendulous. Like Basset hounds, Bassadors tend to get quite stinky and so require regular baths.

Most Bassadors seem to be extrovert and friendly, building great bonds with people. Dogs which have inherited the Basset hound personality will be more guarded around strangers. Bassadors have relatively Strong prey drives which will inspire certain behaviours including chasing cats and digging under fences to follow a scent.

  • Lifespan: 10-12 years
  • Height: varies
  • Weight: up to 33kg
  • Short, dense coat
  • Variety of colours
  • Pendulous ears
  • Short legs
  • Stocky build
  • Friendly
  • Strong prey drive
  • Good with children

Health issues with Bassador

It is hard to predict which health conditions Bassadors could be prone to as these would depend on which genes the dogs have inherited from their parents. However, It is certainly possible that a Bassador could be prone to the following issues:

What is the Bassador bred for?

The Bassador is a crossbreed which was evolved to boast the attributes of both basset hounds and Labradors.

What sort of owners does the bassador suit?

While Bassadors vary enormously in appearance and character, these crosses are generally very friendly dogs which are good with children. They are excellent choices for families, but they do require a reasonable amount of exercise and are easily bored. Bassadors are best suited to households where at least one person is at home all day. They can live happily in the urban environment or the countryside. Owners should ensure that their gardens are secure as the Bassador's strong prey drive can casue these dogs to wander off on the trail of a scent.

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