Baby Hamsters

Baby Hamsters

Is your hamster pregnant? Do you need to know more about hamster babies and how to care for them? Then carry on reading!

They’re Called Pups

Baby hamsters are called pups and grow very quickly. You may have to feed them solids within ten days as their teeth start to show after a week and they begin to move around after two weeks. They will continue to suckle from their mum, but you should not be surprised if they are hungry for more!

You Should Leave Them For A Week

As soon as they are born, you will want to play with the cute little things, yet you should refrain. Not only is it traumatic for the babies and the mother, but it can leave them with a “human scent. ” Once this happens, the parents may neglect their duties because they don’t recognise their children as their own.

Pups Are Blind

It takes almost two-and-a-half to three weeks before a baby hamster’s eyes open for the first time. Even when they do, they are colour blind and their eyesight is poor as they rely on alternate senses, such as their smell and hearing.

They May Need Separating

You should not separate a baby hamster from its mother until it’s ready. However, you may have to remove any other hamsters, including the father and any siblings, as the new arrival can cause fights. It is not uncommon for squabbling adults to harm the babies, or for jealous hamsters to attack a youngster.

Separation Is Natural

The mother will naturally push their baby away after four to five weeks. This is normal and you should not attempt to negate the process.

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