Baby Guinea Pigs

Baby Guinea Pigs

Baby guinea pigs are the cutest creatures in the world, but what do you really know about them?

What Are Baby Guinea Pigs Called?

Baby guinea pigs are called pups, not guinea piglets. But, confusingly, adults of the species retain the traditional pig nomenclature. Males guinea pigs are called boars, and females are called sows.

Are Guinea Pigs From Guinea?

Guinea pigs are from central America. Researchers believe that Incas domesticated them around 3, 000 years ago.

The name “Guinea” may be a reference to the port of origin of these small animals as they made their way to Europe. Some scholars suggest that they may have been on ships leaving Guinea in West Africa or Guiana in South America.

How Many Babies Do Guinea Pigs Have?

Guinea pigs usually have litters of one to eight pups. Most contain between two and four offspring.

Sows have a gestation period of between 59 and 72 days, meaning that the average female can give birth to around five litters per year.

Can You Handle A Newborn Guinea Pig?

It is okay to handle guinea pigs from the first week of life. Owners, however, should be careful not to remove them for too long from their mother. Too much handling can disrupt the maternal bond.

Do Baby Guinea Pigs Need Water?

In general, baby guinea pigs get all the water they need from their mother’s milk until they are weaned. After about three weeks, you should separate male babies from their mother and sisters.

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