Adopting From A Cat Rescue

Adopting From A Cat Rescue

It is always an exciting time when you are about to welcome a new pet to our home. If you are looking for a feline friend then your thoughts may first turn to kittens. However, there are thousands of adults cats in rescue centres around the country that need new homes. Kittens are adorable but taking on a rescue cat can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Rescue cats also have their advantages. Most will be toilet trained and will not require the same level of care as young kittens. If you are busy or out at work all day then an adult cat is a more suitable choice. But how does the adoption process work and how should you prepare for it? <


Before setting off for the rescue centre do bear in mind that you might be returning with a new pet! Make sure that you have everything you need in place including food bowls, a blanket or bed and a carrier to transport the cat in. It could also prove helpful to find a good vet in advance of making an adoption just in case you have health issues to tackle early on. Rescue centres take great care to match animals with the right owners. They will ask questions about you, your family and your home. You may have to accept that some of the cats at the centre may not be appropriate for your circumstances. There may be cats which require an owner who is at home all day and some which can't live with other cats or dogs. There may even be cats which dislike children. It can help if you take pictures of your home and family with you so that the staff at the centre can gain a better understanding of your lifestyle.

Choosing Your New Friend

Once the formalities are over and you have been approved to take an animal you will be able to view the cats that are looking for new homes. Be realistic about the sort of pet that you choose. The cats' pens will feature a few details about the animals' needs and personalities and you should read these carefully. There is no point in choosing a loner that doesn't like being picked up if what you really want is a cuddly lap cat. Don't choose a pet because of its looks but rather focus on its needs and personality. If you find a cat that feels right then the next stage is a proper meeting during which you can interact with the cat. You will either feel the love or not and the same goes for the cat! You might have to accept that the animal is not the one and make a new choice. You will know when you have found your new friend. You should now be able to complete the adoption. Occasionally you may find that your chosen pet is a new arrival at the centre and must stay there for a few days before you can collect them. This is because the charities will wait for a week before adopting stray or seemingly abandoned cats in case they are claimed by their owners.

Completing the Adoption

The cat will almost certainly have been neutered and vaccinated. It may receive a final check up from a nurse or a vet before it is released to you. You will have to complete some paperwork and then pay a fee. The size of the fee will depend on whether you have chosen a pedigree cat or a moggie! Then you can head home to start a new adventure.

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