Adopting A Rescue Guinea Pig

Adopting A Rescue Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are a pet that people will often buy, rather than rescue. It's easy to get one from many pet shops, which is what many people choose to do. However, there are also guinea pigs that others can no longer look after or that are abandoned, which need to be rehomed.

Adopting a rescue guinea pig is a socially responsible way to get a new pet, and it has some advantages too. You can get a better idea of the guinea pig's personality, as well as whether they have any health issues.

You might also find a couple of guinea pigs who have already bonded with each other.

Where to Adopt a Guinea Pig?

If you're thinking about adopting a guinea pig, the first thing you need to do is find some possible places to adopt from. You should be able to find guinea pigs for adoption at some larger animal charities, as well as smaller animal rescues. Private adoption is also an option, although you might need to be a little more careful when doing this.

Some of the charities that might have guinea pigs for adoption near you include the Blue Cross and the RSPCA. You can also find some small animal rescues offering more local services. Some rescues specialise in guinea pigs or small animals in general, while others might have a greater range of animals.

You might also consider privately adopting from someone who can no longer take care of their guinea pig(s). After all, it might make sense to skip the middleman of the rescue. However, you need to be careful if you do this. There is a chance that you might get scammed or that you end up with a guinea pig that has health problems that you're not told about. A reputable rescue is the best route to take unless you're rehoming guinea pigs from someone that you know.

The Adoption Process

When you've found a rescue that you want to adopt from, the first thing that you should do is check out their adoption policies and process. They will usually provide information on their website on how their adoption process works and what criteria you will need to meet. You might need to be approved for adoption before you can go and visit the rescue.

Some rescues will keep an updated record on their website of the guinea pigs that they have for adoption. Even if you like the look of a guinea pig (or two) that they have on their website, you will most likely need to arrange a visit so that you can meet them in person. When you visit, you can discuss what you're looking for and find the perfect guinea pig or guinea pigs for you to adopt.

If you're thinking of adopting a guinea pig, be sure to do plenty of research into them and how to care for them. It's important to make sure that you're capable of looking after a guinea pig and that it's the right pet for you.

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