A Guide To Taking Your Dog To The Beach

A Guide To Taking Your Dog To The Beach

If you are heading to the beach this summer, there's no reason to leave your beloved pooch at home. Provided you do your research, you can take your dog with you to the beach and have a fantastic day out. Most dogs love spending some time at the beach running around in the sand and paddling in the sea. It's a great exercise for them and lovely to see your dog having so much fun. If you are planning on taking your dog for a family day out at the beach here are some things you should be aware of.

Find a dog-friendly beach

The first thing you need to do is find a dog-friendly beach to take your dog to. There are plenty around the UK. Brighton is supposed to be one of the most dog-friendly cities and there are designated areas for dogs on the beach. Camber Sands near Rye also has sections for dogs on the beach. Wherever you plan on going, do your research and find a beach that allows dogs.

Be mindful of other people

Even if you are on a dog-friendly beach you still need to be mindful of other people. Don't let your dog run up and disturb people who are trying to relax on the beach. Be courteous of other people using the beach and always keep an eye on your dog.

Keep your dog under control

Don't let your dog off the lead on the beach if you can't keep them under control. They should come back to you when you call and stay near you. Some beaches do allow dogs but they have to stay on a lead.

Be aware of rubbish and food left on the beach

People leave all sorts of rubbish on the beach which can be dangerous to dogs. If your dog is a scavenger then be wary of letting them roam free on a beach. Your dog could end up eating anything from dead fish to food cans and leftover picnic food.

Pick up after your dog

If you take your dog to the beach make sure you pick up after them. Leaving the dog mess on a beach is just unacceptable. Bring plenty of s with you just in case.

Supervise doggy paddle in the sea

If your dog likes swimming then make sure you watch them at all times. Swimming is an excellent exercise for dogs but they can sometimes get a little overwhelmed and out of their depth in the sea.

Stay away from rough seas

Do not risk taking your dog anywhere near the sea if it is rough. The current could and waves could easily sweep your poor pooch out to sea, which could prove fatal.

Watch out for potential hazards

Look out for any potential hazards at the beach that could harm your dog. For example, groynes that they may try to jump over, rocks that could cut their paw pads or uneven ground that could cause injuries

Bring something for your dog to do

If you are spending all day at the beach your dog might eventually get bored. Bring some dog toys to keep them occupied such as a floating toy, a ball or a frisbee so that you can play fetch.

Take plenty of water

Dogs can quickly become dehydrated at the beach, especially if they are running around and swallowing salty seawater. Make sure you bring plenty of fresh water to keep them hydrated. Click here to purchase a dog travel water bottle to take with you to the beach.

Don't let your dog stay out in the sun too long

If you are planning on being at the beach for a long time then bring an umbrella or tent with you to provide some shade for your dog. Don't make them stay out in the sun on a hot day for too long as they could suffer from sunburn, dehydration, and heatstroke.

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