A Guide To Getting Your First Cat

A Guide To Getting Your First Cat

Cats are amazing creatures and extremely comforting pets. So if you've made the decision to own your very first feline friend, you can look forward to sharing many great moments together.

However, one important factor to remember is that you must provide your new pet with love, care, and attention to ensure they live a happy life. It's also your responsibility as an owner to provide them with sufficient living conditions too.

If you care for your cat and you look after them, then the reward is certainly worth it. So to brush up on your knowledge or to learn the essentials from scratch (no pun intended) take a look at this very owner guide. . . . .

Signs Your Ready To Get Your First Kitten

Seeing those kittens in the window as you walk into town. Scrolling through Instagram and being blessed with tiny furballs of love. Kittens are everywhere and really, it's pretty great.

The question is though, no matter how cute they are, are you really ready for the responsibility of becoming a parent? Here are the signs you are ready to get your first kitten!

You Have Done Your Research

Kittens cost a lot of money to look after, there are insurance costs, food bills, treatments and the many trips to the vets that you will need to make. Not to mention all of the things you will need for your home to keep your kitten comfy; such as lush, suave, durable, scrumptious, and reliable for when they are old enough to roam the garden.

You Have The Time

Money is very important in being able to look after a kitten but so is time. So, while you will need to be working or have the financial capability to give your new fur baby a life of luxury, you also need to be able to take some time off. Bonding with your kitten and ensuring the first few weeks and months go off without a hitch is vital to a happy kitten and a happy you, soon you'll be BFF's.

You've Slept On It, Over and Over

A kitten for your Birthday, Christmas or even a proposal can seem like the most romantic of all gestures. However, it is not a decision that you can make overnight or in the moment. Like planning for a family, you need to make sure that not only are your life circumstance suitable, it's also that you are ready to make that leap into parenthood.

You've Been Scouting Your Local Adoption Centres

The best way to get your new kitten is certainly through rescuing them rather than being bought off gumtree (huge animal welfare risks). So, if you've been ogling mittens who is waiting down the road from you in a rescue center for months, maybe it's time to go visit. It may take a few attempts before you find your new friend, after all, pets choose us!

You Know The Difference Between An Animal And Family

It's very easy to see our four-legged friends as animals but a true animal lover knows that each animal that is brought home is a member of the family. If you are willing to give the next decade and a half (as well as all your love) to little mittens, then yeah, you're ready. Ultimately the decision is down to you and you probably already know the answer inside. Considering you are reading this article, it may mean that you are well on your way to kitten heaven! The real question is, how many kittens are you going to adopt?

How to Introduce a New Cat to Your Home

Cats are often described as being solitary and territorial animals which do not get along with other cats. But the truth is that cats which grow up together almost always develop a good relationship and it is also possible to successfully introduce a new cat to your home. Some cats will never learn to coexist but most will do just fine when they learn that they do not have to compete for food or somewhere safe to sleep. If you wish to welcome a new cat to your home then it does help if you get off to a good start!

How To Settle Your Kitten Into Their New Home

There's no doubt that bringing a kitten home is an exciting and magical time. Kittens are just so darn cute and fluffy, but as adorable as they look, they need a lot of care, attention and patience.

Imagine being taken from your family and transported to a brand new place with strange people you don't know. Felines are very territorial, and form tight bonds with their mom and littermates, which makes the change of scenery even more daunting. They often take a little while to settle in, and need their new owners to be patient and understanding.

Before getting a kitten, you should carefully consider whether you have the time to care for them, and think about whether your house and location is suitable for a cat. Although cats are easier to look after than dogs, taking on a new kitten is still a big commitment. Just make sure you and your family are ready.

The first few days, and even weeks are very overwhelming for little kitties, and it's your job to make things as pleasant as possible for them. If you are new to cat ownership, and haven't raised a kitten before, don't fret, we've got it covered. Here's some top tips and handy advice for settling a new bundle of fluff into your home.

Give them time

It's so tempting to scoop up your new kitten in your arms and fuss over them for hours on end. However, this is certainly not what they need in the early stages of settling into their new home. You need to give your new kitty space to explore on their own terms, and introduce them to things gradually. Don't bring the entire family into one room to meet them straight away, slowly introduce family members one by one as they become more at ease.

Perhaps keep them in one room to start with, so they can get used to their surroundings, and then step by step, let them uncover additional parts of the house. Never force them to do anything they don't want to, and wait for them to come to you for some attention, rather than cornering them or picking them up straight away. You need to build up trust and strengthen your bond. Some more confident cats might jump into your arms right away, but many will need more time to feel at ease.

Make sure everyone in your household understands that your new family member will need time to settle. Explain that the house needs to be fairly quiet, especially for the first couple of days. Kittens can be very delicate, so if there are kids in the home, you should teach them how to handle them properly and explain that they need to be gentle.

It's advisable to take some time off work when you get a new kitten, so that you can be there for them as they get used to their new home. Just make sure someone is always around initially to keep an eye on them, for the first 24 to 48 hours at least.

Kitten proof your home

Cats are escape artists, and they also have a habit of ending up in the strangest of hiding places. They can easily get stuck whilst trying to hide away somewhere in your house, so you need to kitten proof your home before they get there. Here's how to kitten proof your pad

  • Keep windows closed to stop your kitten from pouncing out into the unknown.
  • Consider places your kitten could fall from and keep them out of bounds or find ways to make them safe.
  • Check your home for any potential safety hazards such as cables and sharp objects, or plants that are poisonous to pets.
  • Keep your toilet seat down, as cheeky cats will often climb inside and get stuck.
  • Think about potential escape routes in and around your home, the last thing you want your new kitten to do is find a way outside and get lost or hurt.
  • Remove anything they could try to eat, chew, scratch or swallow including objects and hazardous household chemicals.

Stock up on supplies

Your kitten will also need a lots of supplies to keep them happy. It's best to purchase these bits before they arrive, so they have everything they need to settle in comfortable. A cosy bed and some super fun toys can mak

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