A Guide To Essential Dog Supplies

A Guide To Essential Dog Supplies

A Complete Guide To Essential Dog Supplies

If you are getting a new dog then there are lots of things you will need to get before you bring them home. There are certain products that are essential to making your dog happy and comfortable. It's easy to forget some things when you go shopping for pet supplies, so it's always helpful to have a list. The things that you end up buying depend on your personal preferences, there are also some optional extras you can get. However, these are the things that most new dog owners should get for their new pooch.

Dog Bedding

Most dogs love to snuggle up in a nice comfortable Dog Bed. It's a safe place they can to relax and get some alone time. Dogs sometimes need to switch off and get a bit of space, and a soft, warm bed is the perfect place to escape to. Get your dog an appealing bed to curl up in when they go to bed at night. Dog Beds are also handy because you can take them with you when you travel so your dog always has something that smells and feels like home. You will need to get a bed that is big enough so that when your puppy begins to grow they can still fit in it comfortably. There are lots of different types of such as:

  • Plastic beds
  • Oval beds
  • Vetbed
  • Tweed beds
  • Quilted mattress beds
  • Waterproof beds
  • Fleece beds

Dog Food

for your puppy or adult dog can be quite a challenge. There are so many different types of Dog Food to choose from. First of all, you need to decide whether you want to feed your dog wet or dry dog food. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages.

Wet dog food has a stronger scent and taste and lots of dogs love it but it can be quite messy, isn't particularly convenient and most of it is made up of water. Dry dog food isn't always as appealing but you get more for your money and it's not as messy to handle.

Then you need to decide what brand of dog food to go with. Generally, the premium brands have higher quality ingredients including more protein and less cereal and grain. Try your dog on a food that's within your budget and see whether they like the taste and don't have any stomach issues. Don't change dog food quickly, you need to slowly introduce them by feeding them small amounts.

Dog Toys

You will need to stock up on Dog Toys, especially if you are getting a young puppy. They will need lots of fun toys to keep them entertained. The type of toys you get depends on what your dog likes, so it's probably best to buy a few and see how they get on. Playing is an important part of a puppy's development and a great way of providing mental stimulation for your dog. Playing with your dog on a regular basis also helps to increase your bond. Some of the you can get include:

  • Soft toys
  • Squeaky toys
  • Kongs
  • Balls
  • Tug of war toys
  • Frisbee toys
  • Bone toys
  • Retrieval toys

Dog Chews

Chews are great for keeping your dog's teeth healthy. They scrape off plaque and naturally clean your dog's teeth. They also give your chance to express their natural urge to chew things, this especially helps with puppies who are teething. There are a range of different dental chews available such as rawhide, bones, antlers, Nylabones and ropes. You should always supervise your dog with dogs chews, never leave them unattended.

Dog Leads

You will need a to take your dog out and about and on walks. You can get nylon, leather, rope, and chain Dog Leads depending on what sort of dog you have and your personal preferences. Dogs that pull on the lead will require a stronger more durable lead. If you have a small dog that doesn't pull much a nylon or flexi lead is usually perfectly fine.

Collar & Identification Tag

You are required by law to have an identification tag on your dog, even if they are microchipped. The Control of Dogs Order 1992 states that any dog in public must have an identification tag with the name and address of the owner on it. It's also sensible to have your phone number on there so that if your dog is lost and someone finds them they can ring you straight away.

You will need to get your dog a to attach the identification tag too. Whenever your dog is in public they should have a collar on. Choose a Dog Collars to suit your dog's coloring and personality. You may also have to choose a collar for practical reasons for example if your dog is strong you will need a more durable collar.

Dog Grooming Products

The grooming products you will need will depend on the type of dog you have. Some breeds need a lot more grooming than others. If your dog has a smooth, short-haired coat then they won't need much grooming. You will need to brush them occasionally to get rid of dead hair, trim their nails and keep their ears clean. If your dog has a long, thick coat then you will need to brush them on a regular basis and take them to the groomers regularly. Here are some of the grooming products you might need to buy for your dog:

  • Brush
  • Dog shampoo
  • Nail clippers
  • Ear cleaner
  • Towels
  • De-shedding tools

Dog Treats

Dog treats are useful for training purposes and it's nice to spoil your dog every now and then. Have some treats at home and take them on walks with you so that you can do training with your dog when you are out and about. You need to find a treat that your dog absolutely loves so that they will stay focused and work hard to get a delicious treat. Dogs are quite different when it comes to treats, they like all sorts of different things. Some of the treats we have on our website include:

  • Biscuits
  • Chews
  • Gravy bones
  • Pigs Ears
  • Bones
  • Tripe
  • Meaty treats
  • Rawhide
  • Fish treats

Dog Bowls

Get your dog two, one for water and one for food. This will get them into a good feeding routine and help to reduce the mess they make. Your dog should always have access to water and know exactly where their water bowl is. There are also some other essential dog supplies you may need such as:

  • Dog health products such as worming tablets
  • Car travel harnesses/seat belt/crate
  • Dog Poop Bags
  • Dental hygiene products such as toothpaste and a brush
  • Dog training products
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