A Guide To Dog Medicines

A Guide To Dog Medicines

Complete Guide To Dog Medicines

This is a complete guide to including products y ou can buy online to help your dog, natural therapies and treatments. If you suspect there is anything wrong with your dog or they become unwell then the best thing to do is take them to the vets to get checked up. However, there are some minor issues that you can solve at home using a wide range of medicines that you can buy yourself.

Dog medicines are usually a lot more expensive at the vet's, you pay a premium for products and it can get very costly. There are ways you can save money, you just need to know what medicines you can buy without a prescription and how they can help specific medical conditions.

Giving your dog medicines

Some dogs may not particularly enjoy being given medicine. They might not like having to swallow a tablet or have something sprayed or rubbed on their skin. The last thing you want to do is put them off completely by frightening them, cornering them or forcing them to take something when they are clearly very distressed.

You need to build up their trust. Be gentle and calm and reassure them with a few tasty treats, so that they realize the medicine isn't so scary. Make sure you read the instructions on the label and follow the manufacturer's guidelines very carefully. If you aren't sure, contact the pet shop or online pet store for advice. You should ring up your vet before giving your dog a new medication.

Getting dogs to swallow tablets

This can be a difficult task because your dog always spits out the tablets. Most tablets don't taste that nice, and dogs seem to know that they aren't real food. There are a few different ways to feed your dog tablets, different things work for different dogs.

Cover the tablet in a scrummy food such as peanut butter, honey or cream cheese (make sure they don't choke on it though).

Open their mouth as wide as you can and place the tablet down the back of their throat so they can't help but swallow it (this is obviously not an option with nervous or aggressive dogs).

Put the tablet in their dinner and hope they don't even notice it. This works for some dogs but others will eat their dinner and leave the tablet.

If you at all unsure about how to give your dog tablets then speak to your vet.

Alternative treatments

As well as or instead of using medicines, you can look into alternative treatments for your dog. There are many different alternative treatments that can help all sorts of health problems in dogs. Some people feel very strongly that alternative treatments can help, and others feel that they are not always effective. Alternative treatments include things like canine massage, herbal treatments, acupuncture, reiki, and homeopathy. If you think an alternative treatment might help your dog, speak to your vet or a specialist about the potential benefits of the treatment.

Dog medicines

Here are some examples of the types of dog medicine you can buy:

Ear and eye wipes

Hypoallergenic, PH balanced ear and eye wipes. These wipes are very gentle and safe to use on dogs.

Yumega Plus for itchy dogs

Contains starflower oil and fresh salmon oil to help soothe itchy and irritated skin. Yumega plus also helps reduce scratching.

Johnsons ear drops

These drops kill ear mites in dogs and cats. It also helps to assist healing, soothe irritation and softens the wax.

Aloe vera soothing gel

Aloe vera is known to be fantastic for the skin. This aloe vera soothing gel helps to calm and cool irritated skin.

Tea tree skin calm

This is an antiseptic and antifungal skin treatment that also contains soothing aloe vera.

Fresh breath tablets

Does your dog suffer from bad breath? These tablets help to improve bad breath and also body odor.

Anti-scratch spray

To prevent your dog from scratching itchy skin. This spray helps to calm and soothe the skin. It can also help with allergic dermatitis, insect bites and flea irritations.

Dorwest joint and cartilage support

Helps support joints and cartilage. This is a joint supplement that is good for 'rebuilding joints and increasing synovial fluid to lubricate the joints. '

Antibacterial powder

For minor, cuts, wounds, and abrasions. This powder works as an antiseptic and can help promote natural healing.

Tree bark powder

For bad digestion, convalescence, weaning, pancreatic insufficiency and diarrhea.

Paw Wax

Helps protect paws from hard surfaces, gravel, snow, ice, and roads treated with salt.

Organic valerian

This organic valerian can help to calm your dog down when they are stressed. It also helps control hyperactivity.

Garlic tablets

Works as an internal cleanser and natural herbal cleanser.

Fenugreek and garlic

Can help with coughs, skin conditions, arthritis, and minor infections.

Comfy Cone

Helps to prevent dogs from scratching and chewing wounds skin irritations. This soft cone is much more comfortable for dogs than the plastic cone you get from the vets.

Digestive supplement

This digestive supplement helps with wind. It soothes and assists windy stomachs and also generally helps with digestion.

Blood stop swabs

These swabs help stop bleeding from minor wounds. It also contains a pain relief solution.

How to prevent health problems

There are a few ways you can help prevent your dog from getting some health problems in the first place. Here are a few ways to prevent your dog get unnecessary health problems:

Make sure your dog is vaccinated against common diseases.

Always keep your dog up to date with their vaccinations.

Treat your dog against fleas and ticks.

Give your dog regular worming tablets.

Take them to the vet for regular health check-ups.

Take them to the vet as soon as you notice a problem

Don't delay and make them suffer for longer than they need to.

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