A Guide To Dog Events In The Uk

A Guide To Dog Events In The Uk

Everyone want to know where are the dog events near me? This is a complete guide to dog events in the UK. Discover why it's fun and beneficial to go to dog events for both you and your dog. We will also include details of some of the biggest dog events in the country.

Most dog lovers will have been to at least one dog event. Dog owners and people interested in dogs go to events for all sorts of reasons. Some go to learn about different dog breeds, others go to show off their dog's talents in competitions. There are all sorts of dog events across the UK, from small local events to huge shows attracting thousands of people. Here's all you need to know about dog events in the UK.

Why you should go to dog events

Wondering why you should go to a dog event this year? Dog events can be great for you, and also for your dog. Here are some key reasons to go to a dog event:

  • You get to meet other dog owners
  • You learn more about dogs in general and canine behaviour
  • Taking your dog to events helps them to keep well socialised
  • You can purchase specialist products for your dog
  • Your dog gets to go somewhere interesting and meet all sorts of other dogs
  • You get to see talented dogs in action doing all sorts of things such as agility, flyball and heelwork to music
  • A lot of dog events are run in aid of a good cause, and often support a charity of some kind
  • It means you get to visit lots of interesting places
  • Dog events are a great way of keeping you up to date with things that are going on in the doggy world.

Local dog shows

If a huge dog show with loads of people and dogs seems to much, start by going to a local dog show or event. Small local events usually have a fun dog show, stalls selling dog products and fun activities. Find out whether your local town or village is hosting a dog show this year.

How to get involved with dog events

You don't have to simply attend dog events, you can get involved with them and help out. Volunteer your time for a dog event to support a local charity. There are lots of rescue centres that run events and need people to help out. If you run a dog related business attending events and setting up a stall is a brilliant way to promote your business. Another way you can get involved with dog events is by training your dog to compete in something such as a dog sport, or showing them in dog shows.

Key dog events in the UK


The biggest dog event in the UK has got to be Crufts. In fact, Crufts is the biggest dog show in the world, so it's well worth a visit. Every year, there is a huge build up to this event. All competitors want to be given the ultimate prize, winner of Crufts. It's not just dog shows at Crufts, you can see some amazing dogs performing a variety of different skills. There's also thousands of stalls and things to see; it's the best place to go if you want to see what sort of dog products are coming out and to try out new products. Typically, it will be held between the 10th and the 13th of March at the NEC in Birmingham. You can already buy tickets for next year's event, click here to reserve yours.

Discover Dogs

Discover Dogs is also an excellent dog event in the UK. It's the perfect event to go to if you are interested in meeting all the different dog breeds. At Discover Dogs, you can meet and greet every dog breed and chat to owners about their dogs. There are also dog shows, guest speakers and dogs performing impressive skills. Discover Dogs is also great for shopping, there are lots of different stalls with products on display. Discover Dogs is held every year around October in London.

All About Dogs

All About Dogs hosts a variety of events across the UK. They are for dog lovers, dog owners and are also a fun day out for all the family. Most of the events have competitions, dog games, dog demonstrations, agility and accessories for dogs. Click here for more information about the shows.

Paws In The Park

Paws In The Park hosts two events each year, one in may in West Sussex and one in September in Kent. These events have things like flyball. heelwork to music, obedience, K9 athletics and amazing arena displays. Click here for more information about Paws In The Park.


PATS is held at Sandown Park in Surrey, and usually takes place in March. Whether you work with dogs, sell products, or want to get some products for your pet, you will benefit from attending this event. There are hundreds of exhibitors to go and see. It's one of the top pet trade shows in the country.

Kennel Club Events

The Kennel Club hosts a wide variety of different events throughout the year, from shows to seminars and Q & A sessions. Click here for a full list of Kennel Club events.

Heart of England Dog Show

The Heart of England Dog Show is indoor dog show that takes place at Daventry Community Centre in Northamptonshire. There are 18 novelties and 4 pedigree classes. There is also a photo competition. Click here for more information.

Other key dog events:

The Family Pet Show, Manchester, OctoberPup Aid (anti-puppy farming event), London, SeptemberDogFest, Surrey/Cheshire, JuneDogs Unleashed, Derbyshire, May/June
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