A Guide To Dog Accessories

A Guide To Dog Accessories

A Complete Guide To Dog Accessories

The sheer amount of different dog accessories you can get for your dog can be a bit overwhelming. Which ones do you actually need and what will be the best size, shape, colour or design for your dog? If you are thinking of getting a dog then you will need to know about different accessories you can get.

When it comes to pet accessories the key concern is that your dog is comfortable and has everything they need to stay healthy and happy. After you have had your dog for a while you will get to know what accessories they need and what they can do without.

Some dogs have specific issues which means they require certain accessories. For example, dogs that pull on the lead will need a harness and dogs that feel the cold more may need a coat or jumper. The accessories you need completely depend on the type of dog you have and your personal preferences.

What are dog accessories?

Dog accessories are basically any products you can get specifically for your dog, however, they tend to fall into three different categories. You either get accessories to style your dog, make them more comfortable or to help with training. Different types of dog accessories:

  • Clothes
  • Training aids
  • Grooming accessories
  • Travel products

Essential accessories

When it comes to dog accessories there are some essentials that you will need. Some accessories are just for show or to spoil our dogs. It's easy to get carried away when browsing through different products and order more than you need. If you are going to get a new puppy then here are the key accessories you should get:

Dogs that are out in public should have Dog Collars on at all times with an identification tag. You will also need a lead to take your dog on walks. You can choose a collar and lead to suit your dog, they come in all different colours and sizes. Get your dog a bowl for water and a bowl for food. If you have a larger dog they will need to be elevated above the ground.

Your new dog will need a nice cosy bed to snuggle up in, especially during the winter. Dogs just love to cosy up in their Beds when they need some downtime. Stock up on a selection of toys for your dog. Dogs need toys to keep occupied and provide them with mental stimulation. Some toys are designed to enable dogs to display some of their natural instincts and behaviours.

Most dogs need to be groomed on a regular basis, especially dogs with a longer coat. Some dogs need to have their coat trimmed every few weeks. Essential grooming products include brushes, dog shampoo and nail clippers.

Dog fashion accessories

Want to spoil your dog and get them the latest fashion accessories? You can get your dog almost any accessory, from shoes and jackets to jewelry for dogs. Dog fashion accessories have become increasingly popular in the last few years, with pet owners going the extra mile to pamper their beloved pets.

Fashion designers are even designing products for dogs and showcasing them on the runways in Paris, London and New York. Some dog owners want their dogs to be as fashionable as they are. In some cases, owners go a bit too far when it comes to dressing up their dogs. However, as long as your dog is comfortable and happy then it doesn't matter.

Our top picks

We have so many accessories it's difficult to choose a shortlist. Here are some of our most popular accessories for dogs:

High-tech accessories for dogs

As technology advances, more and more high-tech products are being created especially for dogs. Some of these products make life easier for dog owners, others are just for fun. Our top 5 high tech accessories for dogs:

  • GPS collars that track their location
  • New products even claim to help dogs and humans communicate better
  • Apple has even launched activity trackers for dogs that can be synced with Apple products, such as this
  • Video apps that record what your dog is up to while you are out. You can keep an eye on them and learn about the things they do when you are out.
  • Video apps that enable you to phone and interact with your dog while you are out to make them feel more relaxed. If you are spending time apart from your dog you can spend time with them if you set up a video phone.
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