A Guide To Cat Grooming

A Guide To Cat Grooming

on a regular basis helps to keep their coat clean and healthy. It also prevents their coat from matting and tangling which can become very uncomfortable. Cats are generally very clean and extremely good at cleaning themselves but they still need to be brushed regularly. Here are a few tips for grooming your cat.

Start grooming from a young age

Try and groom your cat when they are a kitten so that they can get used to being groomed from a young age. If you don't do this they may become very frightened when you suddenly try to groom them. Make sure you get them used to being groomed regularly.

Ease them in

Don't just grab them one day and expect them to enjoy being groomed. You need to introduce them slowly, start grooming them for five or ten minutes and then increase the amount of time you spend as they get more comfortable.

Groom regularly to avoid matts

need to be brushed regularly to prevent knots and matting. They can be very uncomfortable if their fur gets very matted. It can cause sores, skin irritations and become painful. How much grooming your cat needs depends on their breed and coat type. Some breeds need to be groomed on a daily basis, especially cats with long hair.

Brush their entire body

It's important to try and brush every area of your cats body. Remember to brush hard to reach areas where they are likely to get matts such as under their armpits.

Use a gentle stroke

Make sure you are very gentle. Most cats like to be stroked, brushing can be a very similar experience for them. Be aware of the pressure you are applying when brushing your cat and keep an eye out for any signs that they are uncomfortable. If you find a knot, do not pull hard to try and get it out just brush very gently and tease at the hair until the knot comes out. You need to be especially gentle when brushing around their belly and chest.

Brush when they are relaxed

If your cat is visibly stressed or in a foul mood then it's probably best to postpone brushing them. Try and brush them when they are relaxed and calm. Brushing them when they are stressed will only make things worse. If they will let you brush them when they are snoozing then this is an ideal time to give them a good groom.

Brushing the tail

If you brush straight down your cats tail with the wrong brush you could hurt them. To brush your cat's tail, part the hair down on each side and brush either side separately.

Health check

Grooming is a good opportunity to check your cat for health problems. Feel their body and check for any lumps and bumps whilst you are grooming them and keep an eye out for skin irritations.

Brush in the direction of the hair

Always brush in the direction of your cat's fur, never against it.

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