8 Ways To Get A Good Photo Of Your Dog

8 Ways To Get A Good Photo Of Your Dog

Dog owners just love to take pictures of their dogs. Nobody can resist an adorable dog or puppy picture. It's nice to be able to capture memories of your beloved pet throughout their life. If you want to get some good pictures of your pooch then there are a few handy tips that can help you to get the perfect shot. Whether you want a picture you can frame on the wall or just a few nice shots of your dog to keep these tips will come in handy.

1. Get The Used To The Camera

Not all dogs are comfortable having a camera waved in their face. Some dogs need to be desensitised to cameras. They can sometimes be scared or put off by them. Some dogs can even be very interested by a camera which makes it difficult to get a good shot.

Try and get your dog used to the camera by carrying it around with you and having it in the room with you and your dog. When your dog ignores it and seems relaxed give them a treat. Once they are happy with having the camera around the photography can begin. 2. Exercise Your Dog First

Take your dog out for a walk before you start taking any pictures. If they are too bouncy and energetic you will find it difficult to get a good shot. If they have been for a walk they are more likely to relaxed for the photo shoot.

3. Try To Capture Their Personality

The pictures you take need to show off your dog's personality. Let them be natural and try to capture their main characteristics. For example, if your dog is happy, dozy, loveable or humorous you will want to capture this side of them on film.

4. Patience

Dogs are not humans, they can't pose for pictures perfectly and they certainly won't do everything you want them to do. If you want to get the perfect shot you need to have lots of patience. You might not get it on your first try and you may need to take several shots before you get one that you are happy with.

5. Lighting

It's best to avoid using a flash when taking photographs of animals. The bright flash can scare them and make them feel worried and uncomfortable. It can also startle them and ruin the shot. It's probably easier to try and work with natural light instead.

6. Freestyle

Try not to be too strict while you are taking pictures, they need to look natural and not forced. Instead of having a set plan let your dog have the freedom to do what they want. This will encourage natural behaviours that will look great on film.

7. Find a Comfortable Place For Your Dog

The setting where you choose to take your pictures is very important. Your dog needs to feel relaxed and happy in the environment. Try and find somewhere that they like and the pictures will come out much better.

8. Shutter Speed

Your dog will be moving about very quickly which makes it difficult to capture them on film. You want to be able to catch all the best moments and get a picture quickly when they do something special. You may want to increase the shutter speed of your camera or make sure you have a camera that captures pictures quickly.

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