7 Ways To Improve Your Bond With Your Dog

7 Ways To Improve Your Bond With Your Dog

Have you just got a new pooch, or simply want to work on your relationship with your dog? The bond between dogs and their owners can be extremely strong, but it does take a while to build a bond and get a dog to completely trust you. As well as simply loving and adoring your dog, there are lots of things you can do to strengthen your bond. Here's seven ways to improve your bond with your dog.

Give them tasty treats

It's no secret that dogs adore food, and giving them regular tasty treats is an excellent way of improving your bond. Once your dog realises that you are their source of food, they will start to trust you and show their appreciation.

Play with them more often

Playing is a good way to interact with your dog and improve your relationship. Dogs often get a lot of joy out of playing with their owners, and it's pretty fun for you too. Make an effort to play with your dog on a daily basis, even if it's just for five or ten minutes.

Train your dog daily

Training can help to build respect between you and your dog, as well as obviously help with their behaviour. Try and do some training with your dog on a regular basis to improve your bond and work on their obedience skills.

Take up a canine sport

In many canine sports, you have to work closely with your dog to achieve a goal. For example, in agility, handlers have to guide their dog through a set of obstacles with hand gestures and commands. It's a wonderful way to spend time with your dog and work on your relationship.

Show them affection

Of course showing your dog affection will help them to feel more at ease and comfortable with you, especially if you have a very affectionate dog. Some dogs don't really like affection, and will just be happy being in your company or being near you.

Spend time together

There's no better way of improving your bond than simply spending time together. Make time for your dog, and interact with them when you can. Dogs that don't get much attention will become frustrated and unhappy.

Groom your dog

Grooming is actually a great way to improve your bond with your dog. It gets them used to being handled, and if done correctly, can be relaxing for both of you.

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