5 Ways To Prevent Muddy Paws Destroying Your Carpet

5 Ways To Prevent Muddy Paws Destroying Your Carpet

Does your dog regularly cover your carpets in mud? If you are getting sick of mud being trampled around your home then it's time to do something about it. You shouldn't have to clean your floors after every dog walk. There are ways to stop your dog from getting mud and dirt everywhere. You just need to do the following things and you will notice a big difference. Here are 5 ways to prevent muddy paws from destroying your carpet or making your floors dirty.

Pet Runner Mats

These mats are the perfect solution to muddy paws. They are long mats that you place inside your home by the front door. This means that every time your pets walk inside they will have to tread over the mat first, removing some of the dirt on their feet. These mats are highly absorbent and no slip, they also let people know there is a dog or pet in the home and remind everyone to wipe their feet.

Boot Mate

Reduce the amount of mud your dog brings into your home by having a Boot Mate mat in your car. After a walk your dog can sit on the Boot Mate mat and it will prevent your car from getting muddy and absorb some of the dirt from their paws. They are easy to wash and fit most boot sizes.

Wash Feet Before Coming In

The best thing to do to stop mud from getting into your home is to wash your pets feet before they come in the house, especially if they have been on a very muddy walk. Have a towel handy for when your return from walks so that you can wipe their feet before entering the house.

Regular Baths

Giving your dog regular baths will help to keep their coat clean and stop them from building up mud and dirt on their coat.

Trim Paw Pads

If the hair on your dogs paw pads is too long then they are more likely to mat and retain mud and dirt. Get their paw pads trimmed regularly and this will prevent them from getting a buildup of dirt in their feet.

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